Jingle Wonderful Indonesia

Did you know that Wonderful Indonesia has a rearranged jingle?
This re-arrangement jingle is the work of Eka Gustiwana, a world-famous arranger, producer, and songwriter, together with Inas Hafizh, an indie singer with tens of thousands of listeners on digital music platforms.

It has two versions featuring electronic musical instruments and another with several traditional instruments.

The arrangement of the Wonderful Indonesia jingle is also made fresher and implies Indonesia’s richness, including scenery, culinary delights, musical instruments, and more.

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Open your eyes, open your mind
Feel the warmth, see the smiles

Kindness and love that’s what I feel
Hold my hand and dance with me

A nation with a soul
A symphony of sights and sounds

Across the beautiful nature
We’ll find the colors of paradise

Oh, what a wonderful place
I feel loved, I feel wonderful
Oh Wonderful Indonesia
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