Kanakakkunnu Palace-The Best Colonial Palace in Kerala

Ever wondered why Kerala, a small but graceful state in South-India, often known as ‘God’s Own Country?’ The rich culture, historical and natural beauties, and all things serene have earned the state this title. One such instance which the city offers its tourists is Kanakakkunnu Palace.

kanakakkunnu-palace-the-best-colonial-palace-in-kerala Kanakakkunnu Palace-The Best Colonial Palace in Kerala
Travancore royal family used Kanakakkunnu Palace to entertain guests and serve non vegetarian food as the royal family was vegetarian

Adorned by majestic architecture exhibiting the city’s talented skills men of the past, this commendable red façade stands in the centre of a lush green park blossoming with flora variations throughout the year. Each year, the Palace comes alive during the All India Dance Festival between October and March, where artistic dancers grace the venue with beguiling classical performances. Want to attend these festivals? Check out ‘Kanakakunnu Palace programs today’ on Google to find the schedules of these cultural programs.

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Kanakakkunnu Palace- A Historical marvel waiting to be explored

The gigantic Palace is said to be constructed by Sree Moolam Thirunal, a ruling Maharajah of Travancore- an Indian Kingdom back in 1885. This palace was used for the purpose of entertaining guests and serve them non-vegetarian food. If you want to know more about this place, you can read books on Kanakakkunnu Palace history in Malayalam

Kanakakunnu Palace is Victorian-era Architectural Marvel

Dipped in Travancoran heritage, embedded in natural beauty and enriched in artistic culture, this red-bricked structure is made of white stone dressings. A living representation of the Keralan-Gothic styles of Victorian-era architecture perfectly, Kanakakkunnu Palace building has a contrasting rounded hall along with a dignified neoclassical entrance portico.

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Nearby Places of Interests for Tourists

Apart from witnessing the artistic Kanakakunnu Palace architecture and rich natural surroundings, tourists also visit this serene place to explore nearby areas of interest. These include gorgeous natural parks with overflowing greenery, temples with structured divinity, museums telling a tale of the past, and the astounding beaches with soft sands and magical sunsets.

Some of the remarkable places located near Kanakakunnu Palace that you must explore:
• Kovalam Beach: Located 15 km away; 25 minutes’ drive via Kovalam Road
• Sri Padmanabhasamy Temple: Located 4.3km away; 10 minutes’ drive following Mahatma Gandhi Road
• East Fort: Located 4.2km away; 7 minutes’ drive following LMS Vellayambalam Road or Mahatma Gandhi Road
• Napier Museum: Located 1.6km away; 4 minutes’ drive following LMS Vellayambalam Road
• Kuthira Malika: Located 5.1km away; 9 minutes’ drive following LMS Vellayambalam Road or Mahatma Gandhi Road
• Trivandrum Zoo: Located 1.8km away; 4 minutes drive following LMS Vellayambalam Road.

How to Reach Kanakakunnu Palace?

Various cars, taxis, and buses run between the 3.5km distance of Trivandrum Central Railway Station and the Kanakakunnu Palace. Similar transport is also available for the Trivandrum International Airport located 5 km away.

Best Time to Visit Kanakakkunnu Palace

Tourists from all over the world grace Kanakakunnu palace throughout the year who come here to adore medieval India’s magnificent architecture. But if you want to avoid the humidity and extreme heat, you can visit the place between October and March when a pleasant walk in the garden would be a soothing experience.

What are Kanakakkunnu Palacetimings?

Visitors Timing– 10 AM to 5 PM
Entry Fee– 0
Weekly Holiday– Monday

Travancore’s history situated in the heart of the city

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Kanakakunnu Palace – Some Fun Facts

      • Travancore royal family used Kanakakkunnu Palace to entertain guests and serve non vegetarian food as the royal family was vegetarian
      • Kanakakkunnu Palace is the first digital garden in India and any of the plants in the palace garden can be scanned using QR Code scanner to get details like botanical character, species, nativity, distribution including flowering period over the 21 acres of land
      • An all India Dance Festival (October to March) is organised by the Department of Tourism at Kanakakkunnu Palace every year
      • Exquisite pieces of royal furniture and Massive crystal chandeliers can be seen inside the palace giving a glimpse to the luxury life of royal family

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