Kapu Lighthouse | Karnataka

A torchbearer to infinite sailors since 1901, Kapu Lighthouse in Karnataka is one fine vintage wonder! A 27 mtrs long lighthouse, it looks illustrious standing by the beach Kapu. With the identification of several new lighthouses in different regions of India, lighthouse tourism has become the new talk of the travel town! And why won’t it be? It is something that has passed by generations of sailors, leading each one to it’s safe shore! Back when there were no satellite navigators, this was what ensured the safety of ships through its eternal beam. Lately, the identified lighthouses in India have been planned to be renovated in terms of their vicinity for letting tourists have a unique tourism experience therein. Have a glance!

VC: Ashwin ( https://instagram.com/droneholic_?igshid=o3ap1lj8oya6 )

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