Kerala Backwater Cruise-Top 10 Fun Facts

The scenic backwater tours Kerala comprises a serene stretch of lakes, canals, and lagoons located parallel to the coast of the Arabian Sea. There is no better way to imbibe the charm of the emerald backwaters than from the deck of a houseboat in Kerala. The tranquil Kerala backwater cruise is once in a lifetime experience.

The image of a unique houseboat cruising through the alluring backwaters of Kerala is capable of evoking a thousand emotions in us. Soak in nature at its finest form with a ride in Kerala backwater houseboats. Here are some fun facts about the Kerala Backwater Cruise and houseboats in Kerala which are not usually conveyed through the beautiful images that adorn the brochures.



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Eco Friendly Design of Houseboats for Kerala Backwater Cruise

Did you know that houseboats are made of wooden planks, coir, and bamboo sheets? The design of the houseboat sure does look eco-friendly from the outside but is 100% eco-friendly. The giant floating structure journeying through the waves of backwaters, under the monsoon rain and harsh sun is fully made of natural materials. The wooden planks form the floor of the boat with wooden structures that support the thatched palm or bamboo ceiling. The planks, the ceiling etc. are held and secured together by coir ropes and the cashew husk oil gives the finishing to structure.

kerala-backwater-cruise-top-10-fun-facts Kerala Backwater Cruise-Top 10 Fun Facts
Enjoy Kerala Backwater Cruise in the Backwaters of Kerala, India

External looks are same however the interiors of each houseboat will be different

Looks can be deceiving! External looks are same for most houseboats but the houseboats are a lot bigger than it appears from the outside. From outside the boats look small, quaint, and congested. In reality, the interiors of the houseboats are spacious, adorned with luxurious décor and all facilities to make your stay memorable.

kerala-backwater-cruise-top-10-fun-facts-1 Kerala Backwater Cruise-Top 10 Fun Facts
A Traditional Bedroom where you will stay during a backwater cruise in Kerala Houseboat

The interiors depict the rich traditional architecture of Kerala with coir and mat yet it will remind you of high-end star hotels. Luxury houseboats in Kerala are generally fully air-conditioned and they will have a fully-furnished kitchen onboard. Houseboat interiors usually include multiple bedrooms, balconies, and bathrooms. The windows in the rooms will be strategically placed to allow cross-ventilation; allowing the gentle breeze around the backwaters to freely enter and leave the houseboat.

kerala-backwater-cruise-top-10-fun-facts-2 Kerala Backwater Cruise-Top 10 Fun Facts
Bedroom to stay in a Kerala Backwater Cruise resembles a luxury hotel room

2 People to 100 People- Houseboats can have any seating capacity

If you dread over the capacity of the houseboat, if you fear over the possibility of houseboat tumbling or capsizing, fret not. The houseboats are sturdy and their hollow design makes it highly stable under any unfavorable circumstances. The houseboats were initially used to transport rice and other goods from place to place. Therefore, the boats can accommodate any amount of weight and number of people than can we imagine.



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There are houseboats which can hold as much as 150 people or more. The average size of a houseboat is 90 feet and it can sometimes go up to 100 feet. The boat can easily carry up to 30 tons of weight as well and the same interior architecture that was used to carry rice sacks and paddy from Alleppey to Kochi are still used in modern houseboats

kerala-backwater-cruise-top-10-fun-facts-3 Kerala Backwater Cruise-Top 10 Fun Facts
A houseboat on Kerala backwaters. Kerala, India

You are not far away from Entertainment even in the middle of a Kerala Backwater Cruise

Unlike many other vacation hideaways, the houseboat expedition will not take you off the radar. The houseboat offers technology and communication facilities so that the visitor is not deprived of his/her entertainment and connectivity tools. TV with satellite connection can be available in every houseboat along with music systems and speakers. The house boating areas generally have good network connectivity. In addition to that, houseboats offer wi-fi gadgets and other facilities as well provided you confirm all these in advance before booking the hosueboat.

Food you will enjoy in a backwater cruise in Kerala beats any top rated restaurant in the world

Delicious Keralan food, freshly cooked on board the boat, makes your backwater tours Kerala even more enjoyable.

You don’t have to pack and carry food before you mount a houseboat to commence the beautiful journey. The houseboats serve food onboard and that too scrumptious Kerala food and succulent backwater fish delicacies.

The houseboats usually feature a live kitchen and the service of experienced chefs. The mainly offered cuisine would be traditional Kerala food along with local backwater flavors such Karimeen Pollichathu, Tapioca and fish curry, prawns, shrimp, and so on. Some high-end houseboats offer international cuisines and mini-bars.

kerala-backwater-cruise-top-10-fun-facts-4 Kerala Backwater Cruise-Top 10 Fun Facts
A chef preparing food for guests while guests are enjoying a Kerala Backwater Cruise

You are enjoying a shade of ancient life and history when you cruise in a Kerala Houseboat

The houseboats were widely used for logistics purposes before the development of roadways and road transport vehicles to transfer goods through backwaters. The backwater destinations in Kerala like Alappuzha and Kollam were surrounded by backwater bodies and isolated from the mainland. The small canoes known as ‘vanji’ or ‘vallom’ were used for commute and the ‘Kettuvalloms’ or houseboats were used to transport agricultural products.
The word ‘Kettuvallom’ is an amalgamation of two Malayalam words kettu which means tied up with rope and vallom which means boat.

Far from the frenzied atmosphere which is evident in the rest of India, Kerala backwater cruises offer an unhurried and laid back travel experience along the lush paddy field strewn and coconut grave shaded Malabar Coast.

kerala-backwater-cruise-top-10-fun-facts-5 Kerala Backwater Cruise-Top 10 Fun Facts
Enjoy the view from a Living Room in a Kerala Houseboat during your cruise of backwaters

Pit stops in Houseboat to enjoy food of Kerala including worlds best breakfast and Backwater scenes

The houseboat journey is not just about floating through the water all day. It makes pit stops at various locations to make the journey more eventful and enjoyable. The houseboat anchors at scenic islands, picturesque shores, and eateries lined up on the river banks. The visitor can request for pit stop at any spot that pleases him/her. Although the visitor should be traveling alone or with friends or family, if you are sharing the journey with strangers, you won’t be offered this luxury.Stopping at the local toddy shops will always be a delight for the spectator. The toddy shops serve delicious local cuisine along with invigorating, locally brewed alcohol known as ‘Kallu’.

Enjoy the green surrounding and wind off your stress while your backwater tours Kerala.

kerala-backwater-cruise-top-10-fun-facts-6 Kerala Backwater Cruise-Top 10 Fun Facts
Lip Smacking Traditional Kerala Food in Kerala Houseboat

Tradition mixed with modernity for yours to cherish in a Kerala Houseboat Package

To make the houseboat journey more comfortable, all necessary gadgets and equipment are installed in goodboats. Refrigerator, mini-bars, internet, music systems, air conditioners, kitchen gadgets, Television, Jacuzzi etc. would be available in the boats according to the package you are opting for.

The houseboats used to be powered by diesel generators initially. But this trend has become redundant with the advent of rechargeable inverters. The houseboat operators prefer eco-friendly energy back-up and recycled water from backwaters. The state-of-the-art inverters can survive for days, offering an uninterrupted power supply to the guests.

The lush green landscape, diverse wildlife, and houses and villages that line the backwaters make your Kerala backwater houseboats along the waterways like a journey through another world.



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Kerala Houseboat experience; it is more than seeing a beautiful scenery

The experience of the houseboat voyage is more than it meets the eye. Contrary to what many of us perceive from seeing the pictures of houseboats, it is more than just glancing through the fleeting images of the shore.

The serenity of the backwaters and the innocence of country life will transcend every spectator to the seventh heaven. The sceneries coupled with the soothing breeze arising from the backwaters will unfurl an ethereal scene in front of you.

While you tour the region over Kerala backwater houseboats, you can explore the vivid colors of this quarter and create everlasting memories.

kerala-backwater-cruise-top-10-fun-facts-7 Kerala Backwater Cruise-Top 10 Fun Facts
A Bathroom in a houseboat in Kerala

Add more Fun by activities in houseboat cruise

The houseboat offers many fun activities to break the monotony and to make the journey more eventful. Cultural performances are often organized in the houseboat on special request, especially during the night time when you cannot enjoy the scenery around. During day time provisions for activities such as fishing is also provided. The fish caught by the guests or bought from market are also cooked in the boat upon request.



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A holiday in Kerala Houseboat can be a truly magical experience and is a perfect destination for those looking for a unique holiday experience. There are so many ways to enjoy the backwaters in Kerala including canoes, shikaras, premium, and luxury houseboats. With a long-lasting list of backwater tours Kerala, this place is just one of its kind and extends a sense of freshness accompanied by a picture-perfect backdrop of greens.  However, the most popular and favorite way to discover the backwaters of Kerala is a houseboat cruise where you can see the beauty originally uninterrupted

Enjoy cruising through these lovely stretches of water in Kerala backwater houseboats by planning your trip with us.

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