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Kochi Biennale Photos of the third version of the Kochi Biennale is being held in 2016, curated by Sudarshan Shetty. The Biennale, which will run for 108 days, from December 12, 2016, until March 29, 2017, is the largest and longest contemporary art biennial in South Asia spread over 12 venues over 108 days with 97 artists from 31 countries participating.

Kochi Biennale is an international exhibition of contemporary art held in Kochi, Kerala. It is the first Biennale being held in India and the first edition was held in 2012. There were shows of biennale Kerala in existing galleries and site-specific installations in public places, heritage buildings, and disused warehouse structures.

The second version of the Kochi Biennale was held in 2015, curated by Jitish Kallat and presenting 94 performers from 30 nations, started on 12 Dec with great objectives. Here is a photo essay with some snapshots from the Kochi Muziris Biennale.

kochi-biennale-photos Kochi Biennale Photos

Drawing motivation from the wealthy variety of areas that have originated from the historical slot of Muziris, as well as a longstanding tradition of direct public and political action in the Kerala region, India’s first worldwide modern art at art biennale 2015 certainly originates much of its appeal from the colonial structures on which the art is being displayed like Aspin Wall House and David Hall, Fort Kochi, Pepper House, Durbar Hall, Ernakulam, Kashi Art Gallery and Parade Ground, Fort Kochi

These revered colonials and traditional places emphasize Kochi’s regional position as a key, if a substitute, a hub for essential medical and traditional improvements during a crucial show factor in the reorganization of international geopolitics more than five decades ago

Curated by Jitish Kallat, the 2014-2015 version of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, themed as “Whorled Explorations,” runs from 12 December 2014 to 23 March 2015 and displays works by Bharti Kher, Dayanita Singh, Meat Blanc, Nikhil Chopra, Anish Kapoor, Francesco Clemente, Julian Charriere, Mithu Sen and among others.

kochi-biennale-photos Kochi Biennale Photos

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French-Algerian Artist Kader Attia’s Independence Disillusionment (2014), A Series Of 26 Paintings Depicting Stamps From African And Middle-East Countries. Exploring The Legacy Of Colonialism, Attia’s Stamps Show Images Of Space Shuttles And Moon Landings, Reflecting Their Utopian Dreams.

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Shanthamani Muddaiah’s Backbone (2014), A Serpent-Like Installation In The Form Of A Spinal Column, A Symbol For The Artist Of The Forces That Hold Civilisations Together.

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Through the celebration of contemporary art from around the world, the Kochi Muziris Biennale seeks to link the historic metropolitan legacy with the modern-day present.

One of the striking features of the Kochi Biennale is the picturesque settings of the colonial architecture that house the artworks on display. These buildings include the sea-facing Aspinwall House in Fort Kochi, with its attached network of labyrinthine warehouses, the recently refurbished Durbar Hall and the Dutch bungalow-style David Hall originally built by the East India Company, and the charming historic godown architecture and courtyard of Pepper House, which sprawls over 16,000 square feet. All these buildings are a part of the Google Cultural Institute Project at https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/collection/kochi-biennale

kochi-biennale-photos-16 Kochi Biennale Photos

Programmes that are being held in the second edition of Kochi Biennale include Film Screenings, Students Biennale, Childrens Biennale and various partner projects. One of the notable initiatives of this edition of Biennale is The Pepper House Residency programme which is an international residency opportunity for artists from all disciplines to work and collaborate within a studio space situated at the Pepper House, Fort Kochi.

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Striking View Of The Cochin Harbor And Backwaters From Aspinwall House

If you are planning for a Kerala Tour Package, in the next three months, then you should definitely make it a point to visit this event which ends on March 29, 2015. Fort Kochi is among the must-visit places in Kerala and you can add biennale to the list of the activities you can enjoy in Kochi.

You can visit http://kochimuzirisbiennale.org/ to know more about all the events that will be held in association with Kochi Muziris Biennale.

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