Kuala Kangsar’s Ubudiah Royal Mosque + Baitul Anor

Kuala Kangsar’s Ubudiah Royal Mosque was designed by Arthur Benison Hubback, a government architect who is notably credited for the design of the Ipoh railway station and the Kuala Lumpur railway station. The mosque was built at the royal command of Sultan Idris Murshidul Azam Shah, the 28th Sultan Perak (1887 – 1916) to fulfil his religious vow. The responsibility fell to Hubbeclk, a civil architect, and the building of the mosque was the responsibility of Caulfield who was Perak chief engineer at that time. On Friday, 26 September 1913, Sultan Idris Murshidul Azam Shah, set the foundation stone for the mosque. The building activity was interrupted for a few years due to the damage to the imported Italian marble floor caused by two elephants belonging to Sultan Idris and Raja Chulan and by World War I. The mosque was finally completed in 1919. The now abandoned Baitul Anor was built by the master craftsman and builder Tuan Haji Sofian (sometimes referred to as Tukang Sofian), under the instructions of Raja Kechil Sulong Harun Al Rashid for his third wife, Raja Mentera binti Raja Sir Chulan. https://sembangkuala.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/old-bukit-chandan-mansions-baitul-anor/

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