Kumbalangi: The Model Tourism Village | Winner Gold Award for Ecotourism Travel | Kerala Tourism

Kumbalangi, a model fishing village in Kerala is the ideal place to witness, learn, and try your hand at a variety of local crafts. Be it fishing, pottery, basket weaving, or rope making, Kumbalangi in Kochi has everything on offer for a traveler who wants to know the pulse of the land. The Kumbalangi Tourism Village is also the proud winner of the Gold Award for Ecotourism and is a unique initiative that helped in transforming the tiny island of Kumbalangi into a model fishing hamlet and a tourism spot. The Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village Project implemented here is a first of its kind in India, wherein the lifestyle and tradition of the villagers are showcased as tourism products. The visitors to this tiny island of Kumbalangi, located on the outskirts of Kochi, offers the best of natural wonders, backwaters, rich aquatic life, and much more. Experience the wonders of this hamlet through this video.
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