La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)

I have a thing for boutique hideaway resorts that give you the cozy feeling of being at home. So during my recent visit to Langkawi Island, I decided to search for one such place on the island, apart from the usual luxury resorts, beach chalets or budget hotels. My criteria — close to food, close ‘enough’ to the main beach of Cenang, and most importantly, quiet and secluded. I found La Pari Pari Langkawi.

la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)

Hotel Overview
La Pari Pari Langkawi is located on the idyllic island of Langkawi, 30km off Peninsula Malaysia’s northwest coast. The island is part of the state of Kedah, and is one of Malaysia’s most popular island destinations — it boasts beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, spectacular scenery; and a little something for all kinds of visitors be it adrenaline pumping activities, to rest and relax, or to immerse in local Malaysian life.

La Pari Pari Langkawi is set on one-and-a-half acre of lush greenery, with 12 lovely villas overlooking its garden setting. It is situated off a quiet alley away from Pantai Tengah, which is the beach adjacent to the wildly popular (and packed) Pantai Cenang — so it is a walkable distance to the beach, shops, restaurants and bars.

la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-1 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-2 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)

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The La Pari Pari Experience
During my trip to Langkawi with my travel buddy, Mei Ling, we rented a car (a pretty beat-up Myvi) to drive around Langkawi — and on our first day, we didn’t find any difficulty locating La Pari Pari Langkawi with the help of Google Maps. The boutique hotel has plenty of parking space, and it was an easy check-in (with a deposit of one night’s room rate, about RM345~US$90) despite us arriving about 2 hours earlier than expected.

I love the white and blue concept of the hotel — white-washed walls and furniture with blue decorations and upholstery. Its spacious grounds is also filled with pretty plants and trees that give the place a very fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Honestly, I think it’s a great place to throw a private garden party!

la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-3 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-4 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)

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The Rooms
The rooms in La Pari Pari Langkawi are mini villas/chalets that surround the grounds of the hotel. We entered a little garden door that leads to a small outdoor lounge space, and then sliding doors that lead to the bedroom. The room we had was spacious and clean; maintaining the same blue and white concept of the hotel with blue painting frames and blue cushions. The amenities were basic — iron and ironing board, hairdryer, safe, hot water boiler, toaster and a coffee making machine. Oh, and the bathroom was pretty big too… I loved that!

The only downside to the room was that it didn’t have a fan for the days we didn’t want to use the air-conditioner, and it only had one mirror in the bathroom (that’s not enough for us girls)! I’m not sure how long the hotel has been running, but it is showing a few signs of wear — tiny crack-lines on the walls and peeling paint.

la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-5 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-6 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)

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The FatCUPID Cafe
La Pari Pari Langkawi has a lovely restaurant that looks out to the hotel’s swimming pool and lush garden — it is called the FatCUPID Cafe. It exudes a pretty laid-back vibe, great for chilling with a cuppa coffee in the morning, or a couple of drinks at night. Our stay didn’t include breakfast though, so I don’t know what the hotel serves for breakfast.

However, we had dinner at the restaurant as it opens all day for lunch and dinner. They serve a wide variety of dishes on the menu — from Western to Asian choices, as well as cocktails and alcohol. I ordered the day’s special, which was ‘Smoked Duck Breast Rendang with Watermelon Rice’, and I have to say it was really delicious!

la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-7 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-8 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)

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Other Facilities
One of the things I like most about La Pari Pari Langkawi is the huge tranquil garden in the middle of its grounds. Various herbs, plants and flowers can be found — I even spotted the prettiest translucent white hibiscus, which is Malaysia’s national flower. There are also many trees in the area that give shade to the large day beds scattered around the garden. It’s a great place to read (there’s a small shelf in the cafe where you can choose yourself a book), sunbathe and while the day away. There’s the pool too; or if you prefer something that resembles the beach, there’s a little sandy patch to bask on while overlooking the small stream that runs along the hotel.

In our room, there was a whole table filled with brochures for tours and activities around Langkawi — it’s great reading and research material for those who want to explore the island.

la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-9 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-10 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)

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Overall Stay
La Pari Pari Langkawi might not be on the beachfront, or have the complete facilities offered by the island’s luxury hotels– but what it lacks, it makes up for with its quaint and secluded setting. I really enjoyed the peace and quiet it offers, and had a lovely stay at the boutique hotel. With only 12 villas in the entire hotel, we hardly saw anyone else during our stay. The staff were friendly and helpful too, and always ready with a smile and a greeting whenever we passed by.

After all, Pari Pari means ‘fairy’ in the Malay language — I suppose that means that the hotel aims to give their visitors a feeling like being in fairy wonderland. Very close, I must say!

la-pari-pari-langkawi-malaysia-review-11 La Pari Pari Langkawi, Malaysia (Review)

Enjoying a little sun under a shade of green.

La Pari Pari Langkawi
Where: 2273, Jalan Teluk Baru, Kampung Tasek Anak, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.

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