Malay World Ethnology Museum (Muzium Negara)

The Malay World Ethnology Museum or Muzium Etnologi Dunia Melayu (by Muzium Negara) focuses on the diversity of Malay society and culture in Malaysia through a highly aesthetic collections of artifacts, such as traditional arts, clothing and jewelry, traditional games and weaponry. In addition, the depiction of the social and cultural life of the Malays in Malaysia in the gallery is portrayed by dioramas of a Malay traditional village; a Wayang-Kulit (shadow-play) theater; a Malay wedding dais; and the making of Wau Bulan (moon-kites). Among the fascinating collections on display are the Cik Siti Wan Kembang dress; the wedding dais of Perak; wayang kulit (shadow-play) figures; a variety of replicas of perahu (boats) and others.

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