Malik Dinar Mosque: Offer your Al-Jumah here…get the most blessed experience with the 360° View

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The Malik Dinar Mosque in Kasargod, Kerala, with remarkable iconic Kerala architecture, is believed to have been built by the famous Muslim scholar and traveler, Malik Deenar. Malik Deenar is believed to have been the first person to have come to the Indian subcontinent to propagate Islam. Over 1500 years ago, Malik Ibn Deenar and 12 associates landed in Kerala to trade and spread the message and teachings of Islam. His delegation reached modern-day Kasaragod and caught the attention of the local ruler, Cheraman Perumal. He was so enamored by these traders that he himself would convert to Islam. The mosque was erected in 642 AD and has had a few renovations since. This beautiful structure is the site of local celebrations annually to mark the commemoration of the arrival of that first group of traders
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