New movies in Singapore, June 2016: What shows to watch in cinemas this month

new-movies-in-singapore-june-2016-what-shows-to-watch-in-cinemas-this-month New movies in Singapore, June 2016: What shows to watch in cinemas this month

Netflix might have us glued to the couches, but sometimes, the call to the cinemas, freshly buttered popcorn and that deafening Dolby Surround Sound advert prove too much to ignore. But what to watch? This month sees two big budget sequels that promise a roaring good time, as well as some more poignant, contemplative flicks that will tug at the heartstrings of art house film buffs and the hopeless romantics among us. Here’s our debut issue of Flick Picks:[1][2][3][4]

For the action aficionados: Independence Day: Resurgence

Roland Emmerich is back at what he does best, and this time, he’s pulling out all the stops with a bigger, badder alien invasion in the much-awaited sequel to Independence Day. It’s easy to be sceptical about cash cow sequels these days (we’re looking at you, Transformers) but considering the original director is back at the helm, we’re hopeful that Resurgence will be as fun a sci-fi romp as the original. Welcoming the aliens back to Earth are most of the original cast including Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman, along with new additions to the franchise like Liam Hemsworth and Angelababy. We will miss Will Smith’s character (written out due to budget constraints) but here’s hoping we’ve got many Jeff Goldblum one-liners to make up for it.

Releases June 23

For family fun: Finding Dory

It’s been 13 years since Disney/Pixar charmed us with Finding Nemo’s cast of loveable aquatic eccentrics, but this childhood classic still holds the hearts of many today. The sequel, Finding Dory, puts the titular amnesiac regal tang in the spotlight as she goes on a quest to find her family. Of course, hijinks ensue and Dory (voiced once more by Ellen DeGeneres) finds herself trapped at the Monterey Marine Life Institute where she meets a whole new cast of misfits including a white beluga whale, an octopus and a whale shark.

Releases June 16

For the hopeless romantics: Me Before You

Khaleesi has taken a break from her conquest of Westeros to conquer the hearts of movie-goers in this touching adaptation of Jojo Moyes’ 2012 novel of the same name. Emilia Clarke plays 26-year-old Louisa Clark who,, upon losing her job at a local café, takes on the role of caregiver for a wealthy businessman (Sam Caflin) paralysed in an accident. The film marks Thea Sharrock’s directorial debut, only having previously produced for theatre and television. Sorry, no dragons in this one.

Playing now

For a little local flavour: The Songs We Sang

It’s easy to forget that Singapore’s local music scene started decades before we were born. Eva Tang’s heartfelt documentary on ‘Xinyao’, Singaporean folk music, made its debut at the Singapore International Film Festival late last year. The screening was sold out, and audience reaction widely favourable. The film is currently screening at The Projector and will prove to be a heartfelt nostalgia trip, especially for radioheads who grew up in the ’80s as well as younger audiences with an interest in Singapore’s early music scene.

Playing now

For the TV buffs: The Outcast

There’s no shortage of good shows to curl up to on the couch, and for this creepy new series, you’ll probably want a buddy, or at least a well-lit room for company. The Outcast, based on the eponymous comic series by Robert Kirkman, follows Kyle Barnes, whose loved ones are revealed to have been demonically possessed since childhood. As an adult, Kyle teams up with the hard-drinking Reverent Anderson to uncover the sinister truth behind his family’s misfortune. The series is directed by Kirkman himself, who proved his chops raising the zombie apocalypse genre from the grave in The Walking Dead.

New episodes weekly


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