Odisha Tourism set to Gain International Footfall With New Campaign “Odisha by Day, Hockey by Night”

Odisha State Government in association with state tourism on the event of Hockey World Cup promote a new campaign “Odisha by Day, Hockey by Night”. Set to gain international visitors, the campaign targets at the international fans of the hockey teams. Like the slogan itself the idea is clear to promote the state’s unexplored heritage, culture and sites while enjoying the sport’s power-packed matches.

Hosting the Fédération Internationale de Hockey’s premier international event, the eastern state of India in association with state government and tourist department set up the stage for the grandest event form November 28 till December 16, 2018.

While the campaign was for the occasion of the Hockey World Cup, it served the purpose to bring in foreign visitors to support the game along with highlighting its name in countries across the globe. There wear promotions in London, UK, Munich, Germany along with Australian cities of Canberra, Sydney and more. Decorated with the slogan as well as banner for the event, buses drove around the international hotspots.

Commissioner-cum-secretary, Odisha[1] Sports and Youth Services and Tourism departments, Vishal Dev said to the Indian media, “Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup Bhubaneswar 2018 has opened up numerous possibilities for us to be noticed by the world at large.”

Prospects of Odisha Tourism

The eastern state of India, along the Bay of Bengal has lots of prospects for tourism. There are numerous beaches, natural forests and historic architectural marvels such as Konark Sun Temple[2] and the Dhauli Shanti Stupa. In addition, tribal heritage, folk arts & crafts, festivals[3], watersports and many unique experiences interest travelers.

The Odisha campaign made its mark at 17 stops across India, including the six metropolitan cities of New Delhi, Mumbai[4], Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru[5] and Hyderabad. In addition, Odisha Tourism have new special tour packages for visitors to experience the heritage, culture and attractions[6].

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