Popular Boat Races in Kerala 2021

Boat races in Kerala have always been a part of the tradition and culture. There are instances in the history of Kerala when disputes between kings and chiefs were settled by boat races. The boat races in Kerala are held in the backwaters of Kerala, elevating the charm of these water canals. These races are all about enjoyment, and most importantly about teamwork. The Kerala boat festival is celebrated from July to September. Popular boat races like the Nehru Trophy Boat race are yet another reason that the tourists are attracted to ‘God’s Own Country. A number of teams from different regions participate in boat races, which are organized annually.

These races are organized specifically during temple festivals, which give these water sports an aura of religious sanctity. A few out of these races are ancient and have different myths and legends attached to them. These races are more popular in Alappuzha and nearby areas but here is a list of yearly boat races that are organized at different tourist places in Kerala.

popular-boat-races-in-kerala-2021 Popular Boat Races in Kerala 2021

The Snake boat races, commonly known by the natives as Chundanvallams, are the one which is most popular. A snake boat (or chundan vallam) is actually a long traditional canoe-style boat used by the people of the Kuttanadu region, in the south India’s state of Kerala. Typical snake boats are 100 to 120 feet long and hold around 100 rowers. Each of the villages in the region has its own snake boat, which they take great pride in. Every year the villagers get together and race the boats along the lakes and rivers.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

The Nehru trophy boat race on the Punnamada Lake, near Alappuzha, held on the second Saturday of August every year, is the most competitive and most popular of all the boat races in Kerala. The race conducted on the second Saturday of August every year is a major tourist attraction.

The history of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race is associated with the visit of late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India to Alappuzha. He chanced a trip from Kottayam to Alappuzha by boat, through waterlogged Kuttanad. The pageantry of boats accompanied him on the trip. The first race was an impromptu one conducted in 1952 in honor of Panditji who visited Alappuzha. In that race of snake boats, Nadubhagam Chundan stood first.

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popular-boat-races-in-kerala-2021-1 Popular Boat Races in Kerala 2021

Panditji, who was thrilled and excited in the performance of the oarsmen, jumped into the Nadubhagam Chundan, forgetting all security arrangements. The boat proceeded to the boat jetty carrying the Prime Minister. On his return to Delhi in December 1952, Nehru donated a Silver Trophy, which is a replica of a snake boat placed on a wooden abacus. This trophy later came to be known as Nehru Trophy. If you are planning a monsoon vacation to Kerala, visit these delightful boat races in Kerala.

Popular Boat Races in Kerala

  • Pulinkunnu Rajiv Gandhi Boat race

It is on the Pulinkunnu River and would be held on the last Saturday of August. It is about 20 km from Alappuzha town on the Alappuzha-Changanacherry route

  • Neerettupuram boat race

It would be held during the Onam season (August/September) at river Pampa. It is near Edathua, about 30 km from Alappuzha town

  • Champakulam Moolam boat race

This boat race is the oldest and most popular snake boat race. The race is held on Pampa River on Moolam day (according to the Malayalam era M.E) of the Malayalam month Midhunam. This boat race in Kerala usually takes place in the month of June or July.

  • The Aranmula boat race

It is the oldest boat race in Kerala and is held during Onam (August /September). It takes place at Aranmula Parthasarathi temple.  This Kerala boat festival is a two-day race that takes place during the most famous festival of Kerala, Onam.

  • Payippad Vallaarattu or Jalotsavam

    It is a three-day water festival. It is conducted in Payippad Lake, which is 35 km from Alappuzha. There is a close relation between this Payippadu boat race and the Subramanya Swamy temple in Haripad

  • Sree Narayana Jayanthi Vallam Kali

The boat race is at Kumarakom and is held on the month of September every year during the Onam festival.

  • Indira Gandhi Boat Race

It is a boat race festival celebrated in the last week of December in the backwaters of Kochi.

  • Kallada Boat Race

The boat race is an annual event, which happens 28 days after Onam. This boat race is held on the Muthiraparampu-Karuvathrakadavu course of the Kallada River, Kollam district.

These were some of the most popular Kerala boat festivals that are absolutely amazing and you cannot miss a chance to attend these boat races in Kerala in case you are planning your vacation to Kerala.

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