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professionals-network-to-strengthen-tourism-human-resources-khmer-times Professionals network to strengthen tourism human resources - Khmer Times

To foment the training of more and better professionals in the tourism industry, the government has launched an initiative that will bring together industry experts to work alongside public officials.

Dubbed the ‘Professionals and Professors Network in Tourism’, the initiative’s main goal is to enhance the quality of tourism-related products by boosting the number of professionals in the industry, a statement from the Ministry of Tourism said.

The group, which will be chaired by Tourism Minister Thong Khon, will be tasked with providing advice and implementing training programmes for students in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Members will also be able to join ministry meetings to discuss training and related topics.

“We welcome applications from experts, teachers, professors, and researchers across the country to join the network,” the statement noted.

Chhay Sivlin, (CATA), welcomed the initiative. With the number of visitors to the country increasing every year, she said it is necessary to train more and better tourism workers.

“We will join the government in the network to provide advice. We will contribute to the cause as much as we can,” Ms Sivlin said. “Other countries in Asean also have initiatives like this.”

The government wants to train 50,000 tourism professionals every year between now and 2025 under a new development strategy for human resources within the tourism sector. According to a draft of the development strategy, , society, and markets.

The Kingdom welcomed around six million international tourists in 2018, and the government’s goal is to attract 12 million a year by 2025.

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