Pulut/Kacang Cendol at Taiping’s Bismillah Cendol

Pulut/kacang cendol (sticky rice/bean) for Myr2.60 from Bismillah Cendol – the other famous cendol shop (Ansari Famous Cendol was out of this cendol the other day). “BISMILLAH CENDOL – When you come to Taiping, there have two famous places to have cendol which are Bismillah Cendol and Ansari Famous Cendol. Bismillah Cnedol just near the St. George’s Institution, Taiping (Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan St. George, Perak) and it has been operating since 1993. In this cendol store, you can find cendol biasa, kacang, pulut, and pulut kacang as well as laksa and pasembor. If you come to Taiping, you should try these two cendol stores.”

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