River rafting in Kerala – Top 5 Destinations

Are you crazy about an experienced power-packed with adrenaline rush and intriguing adventurous activities? If you want to feel that exhilarating phenomenon then you must opt for river rafting in Kerala. Cruising through the sparkling streams of water is indeed thrilling and stimulating. Wrapped around by lush greenery and vivid scenic views, you will enjoy every moment of the rafting activity.

Kerala has some of the best places to enjoy river rafting, the most popular among them being Kovalam Beach, Kumarakom, Munnar, and the Silent Valley National Park. Rafting is now quite popular in the state with more and more tourists opting for it. It’s not only the gushing river waters but also the alluring environment around which entices the adventure seekers.

Lets us now check out some of the top 5 destinations famous for river rafting in Kerala.

river-rafting-in-kerala-top-5-destinations River rafting in Kerala – Top 5 Destinations

River Rafting in Chalipuzha Jungle

If you want to avail yourself of a safe and easy river rafting in Kerala, then go for the one in the Chalipuzha jungle. The place is recommended for novice, non-swimmers and young people within 12 to 14 years of age. It’s perfect for beginners since the rapids are either small or medium-sized. You will be accompanied by experts or trainers and safety kayakers in the raft boards and hence safety is never an issue. It is best if you are experiencing river rafting for the first time.

Chalipuzha is a tributary that emerges out of the river Iruvanjhipuzza and originates from the beautiful Thushagiri waterfalls. Rafting on it will entertain you with its pristine and tranquil beauty and breathtaking landscape. The entire stretch of the rafting route is almost 4 km long and is ranked as Class II/III category. The duration of the trip is 1.5 to 2 hours, starting with the Game of Thorns Rapid and ending with the Volleyball court.

Charges: INR 1000 per person, minimum 2 people required for booking

White water river rafting in Iruvanjhipuzza

White water river rafting in Kerala is also much enjoyed in the river Iruvanjhipuzza. The route is mainly suitable for expert and skilled rafters. Beginners must avoid this place as it is categorized as Class III and above much filled with daredevil adventures and thrills. If you love to pump up your adrenaline at a very high speed, rafting at the Iruvanjhipuzza river is the best option for you.

The river Iruvanjhipuzza originates or can be said to be a tributary of the river Chaliyar. Its scenic beauty is captivating and enthralling, situated at the backdrop of the charming Wayanad region along with the majestic Western Ghats mountain ranges.

White water river rafting is a team sport and it demands synchronization and coordination among the team members. Riding along the thunderous waters of the river is indeed an action-packed experience. Experts and safety kayakers will guide and instruct you throughout the journey. There are multiple rafting courses available at the site.

You can select any of them. The starting point of all the courses are the same, the Malabar Pool rapid and the endpoint being the Confluence Bridge. The longest rapid of the rafting route is the Toddy Shop. Rafting on the river Iruvanjhipuzza is challenging yet picturesque with the lush green plantations encompassing the place. The duration of the entire route is about 2 hours.

Charges: INR 1600 per person, minimum 2 people required for booking

White water river rafting in Kannur

River Tejaswani in Kannur is another splendid place for river rafting in Kerala. You need to be an expert to avail this thrilling and adventurous trip. The rafting here creates an electrifying experience as you traverse across the gushing and fast-flowing waters of the river.

There are two stretches on the river where rafting is allowed and is possible – The upper part and the lower part. The upper Tejaswani is comparatively easier to navigate and ride on the rafts. The rapids are categorized as Class II and the stretch is narrow.

This stretch is better for beginners. The lower Tejaswani is challenging with multiple rapids, of which three of them are categorized under Class III and the rest are of Class II. The duration of the trip is for 2 hours.

There are some incredible rapids on the river, for an adrenaline-pump experience. So if you are waiting for that super-thrilling experience, then do not miss out on this wondrous opportunity at Kannur. Gear up yourself to indulge in the power-packed rafting trip while enjoying the intriguing views encompassing the place.

Charges: INR 1200 per person

Bamboo Rafting in Pozhuthana

If you want to feel the traditional effect of river rafting in Kerala, you can look for bamboo rafts. It’s one of the unique opportunities to feel the thrill and adventure. The rafts are made of bamboo especially to impart that crude and rustic feeling. You can enjoy bamboo rafting in the Wayanad region in Kerala especially on the river Pozhuthana.

The best is, you need not be very much experienced in rafting venture. Being a novice and a beginner, you can easily enjoy venturing into the waters of the Pozhuthana and enjoy a fun-filled time. The depth of the river is medium, not very deep, so it’s quite safe and secure.

As the raft moves along the river, you can enjoy the spectacular view all around and immerse yourself in the surreal calmness. The dense plantations and the mangrove forests are too enticing and soothing to the eyes. Passing through such a vivid landscape in the raft is truly bliss.

You will be accompanied by a guide in the bamboo raft. He will float the raft along the water stream, meandering across the bends. You can enjoy the flora and fauna along with some shrines of the tribal deities. The journey terminates at the Anoth bridge, from where you can get off and hop on to some shop for tea and snacks.

Charges: INR 600 per person

Bamboo rafting in river Periyar

River Periyar is one of the best places for river rafting in Kerala. If you want to enjoy a thrilling trip with your partner, then you can opt for bamboo rafting on the river. Watching the wild vibrant life while cruising through the river rafts, is an experience to remember.

The recommendation is to select late evenings or early mornings for the trip as it offers a pleasing and enchanting experience. The fascinating panoramic landscape and the captivating views mesmerize the rafters, further increasing the zeal and enthusiasm to carry on with the journey. The enthralling dense forests of Periyar encompassing the landscape create a vivid environment. You can feel the intriguing essence of the forests as you move across the river in the bamboo rafts.

It is an eternal bliss to watch the bio-diversity of the region around. With the path of the rafting journey being smooth and easy, you can enjoy the scenic beauty around along with the quiet adventure on the river waters. The bamboo rafts impart that special rustic feel to the entire journey. You will be assisted by a guard and 4 guides for a group of 10 persons. There are tour packages offered for the rafting journey. Tea, snacks and lunch are sometimes included in the packages.

You can either opt for a half-day or a full-day tour. The full-day program starts at 8 AM and ends at 5 PM. The half-day programs are conducted at two slots: one from 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM and another from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

Charges: INR 2800 per person for a full day and INR 2000 per person for half day

And on the Final Thoughts…

For all adventure lovers, river rafting is one of the fascinating things to be involved in. Traversing through the gushing waters is indeed a stupendous experience. In Kerala, the monsoon months from September to November are the best time of the year for river rafting. The waters flow with high intensity and volume, which is ideal for experiencing a thrilling ride across the river. So if you want to feel that adrenaline rush, then plan for such a mind-blowing rafting trip and enjoy your vacation.

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