Roger Federer in Kerala- Hilarious #PhotoshopRF tweets from fans

Roger Federer, the most popular Tennnis player in the world was planning to visit India and requested the help of his fans on tips on things and sightseeing that can be done in India.

Roger Federer in Kerala

When lot of suggestions came in about sightseeing in India , “King Roger” enlisted the help of local fans to bolster his odyssey vicariously through Photoshop, posting a message to Twitter imploring his followers to send him suggestions using the twitter tag #PhotoshopRF

Here are some of the suggestions that came in on the sightseeing in Kerala from fans on Roger Federer in Kerala

Federer doing a Illanjhithara Melam in Thrissur Pooram which is rated among the best things to see in Kerala.

Federer getting “Fed Up” in a Sadya in a South Indian Wedding

Federer enjoying a day in the beach anywhere in India and some of the best beaches in India are in Kerala.

Federer doing a Kathakali Dance in Kerala

Federer can also do some saree shopping in Kerala for Mirka Vavrinec. See our Kochi Shopping Guide

He can also try out selling some bananas on a cart to experience the life of a normal Indian which was listed among his personal favorites on twitter

King Roger can also refresh amidst the beautiful backwaters of Kerala by riding a canoe which was listed among his personal favorites on twitter

He can also try out his hands in Kerala Politics and wear traditional Mundu which is among the best souvenirs to carry back from Kerala.

He can also try out a family vacation in backwaters in Kerala which was rated among the best destinations in the world to have a family vacation in 2014.

What about fishing in any of the fishing harbours in India and coming back with a sack full of fish.

Federer can quit tennis and can also try out his skills as a cheer leader in a Kerala snake boat Race.

Hope he can also take a Rickshaw for sightseeing in Kerala and enjoy the Kochi day tour as a local

Roger Federer playing in India is finally inching closer to reality and if you want to make a suggestion on what Federer can do in Kerala, please post a comment below or do post your snap on twitter with #PhotoShopRF and let us know and we would love to include this in suggestions.

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