RWMF2016 Mathew & Alena Murang

Mathew Ngau, a master sape player and story teller, has been touring Europe several times in the last couple of years. Mathew Ngau Jau, has been playing the sape or the boat shaped lute of Sarawak since he was little. Not only is he an accomplished musician on the instrument, he also makes sapes, paints, dances, and is an expert on the blowpipe. ALENA MURANG is a young visual artist and musician from Borneo, much of her art work is influenced by the natural environment and the indigenous people of the island. She’s one of the first girls to openly perform and teach the sape, an instrument from Borneo that used to be a taboo for women to even touch. , Mathew Ngau, Alena has since gone on to perform in over 20 cities including New York and London. She’s one of a few players to sing with sape. More information on

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