RWMF2021 | Presenting POSTCARDS FROM SCOTLAND (With Love)

#RWMF #SeparatedYetTogether #PostcardsFromScotland – Little did we know, a postcard came through our door today. We ought to share it with all the festival-goers across the globe because without the Rainforest World Music Festival, we are certain that it just doesn’t feel that right before. As if some parts of our lives went missing. The giant drum circle, the dancing, the singing, the workshops, the beats & the indigenous festival atmosphere that we all anticipate for, every July. So, chin up & keep your hope high because one thing for sure, no matter how bad we were impacted, this too shall pass. #Oooohaaaa #SarawakFestivals #RainforestWorldMusicFestival #ShowcaseScotlandExpo

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