Salted Coffee at Taiping’s Uncle Chuan Kopitiam

Salted coffee for Myr3 is only found in Taiping at Uncle Chuan Kopitiam: “TAIPING FAMOUS SALTED COFFEE ​太平爆红咸咖啡: The taste of this coffee is salty and the feeling is like you are tasting a cup of coffee after swimming at the beach. When people heard about salty coffee they will think this coffee will be added by salt. In fact, the seller fried the coffee bean with the butter and the brewed coffee will become mellow and salty. Beside salty coffee, Uncle Chuan Kopitiam (全叔美食中​心) also has many types of delicious breakfast and lunch such as Wan tan noodle, chicken rice, curry mee, Kueh Kak Goreng (炒粿角) and others.”

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