Sarawak Destination Video | Why Limit Yourself

Why do we need to go so far?
A mountain
A thirst to reach the peak
Gazing beyond the waterfall
A desire to seek its source
A deeper exploration of the sea
To be in love with fear and become fearless Why must we witness?
Hearing the stories of another tribe
Seeing their legends with our own eyes
The longing of my heart
Yet it’s as if I am home Why do we want to be here?
Taking a deep breath of foreign air
Only when you feel it yourself
have you lived
Finding peace
In the hustle and bustle of life
Enriching hungry palates Why leave our trace?
The wonderland you seek
Will be a huge one
All has been prepared here for you centuries ago
One’s destination is never a place
but new ways of seeing things Why limit yourself? More info on

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