#SARAWAK360XPERIENCE | Stories From The Heart – Bario Episode 10

#360Documentary #SFTH #Bario – Scott Apoi is known as the Ketua Kampung and a homestay owner at the peak of Bario. He manages the village, whilst at the same time conduct hiking tours with tourists flying in and out. Scott Apoi is one of the chiefs among the 14 other villages in Bario. He does his best to ensure the safety of his people and preserves the culture that Bario provides that can be shown to the people of the world. His story will open our eyes as to how modernisation affect his people, and his efforts in making sure the urban world adapts to his society instead of the other way round. This episode will humble us to the way they live their sustainable and simple lifestyle.
A 360 Documentary by Association of Sarawak Inbound Agencies (ASIA).

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