Slideshow: Muzium Negara (National Museum of Malaysia)

Muzium Negara (National Museum of Malaysia) is a beautiful building featuring traditional Malay architecture. The history of museums in Malaysia began in 1883 when the British government established the Perak Museum, Taiping. This was followed by the Sarawak Museum in Kuching in 1888 and subsequently Selangor Museum in 1906. In 1910, the management of Perak and Selangor Museums were consolidated under the Department of Museums of Federated Malay States. In 1930, the management was again separated as a step under the decentralized system implemented by the British government. Part of the Selangor Museum building was later destroyed by the bombing carried out by the Alliance Air Force on 10 March 1945. As a result, most of the collections were also destroyed. Two years after independence in 1959, the government appointed an architect, Mr. Ho Kok Hoe to design the proposed National Museum to be built on the ruins of the Selangor Museum. Its construction started in 1962 and on August 31, 1963, the Muzium Negara building was finally completed and opened by the Third Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Syed Putra Al-Haj Ibni Syed Hassan Jamalullail. The design of the National Museum building is characterized by elements of aesthetic and carving of traditional Malay palace. , a concept based on the combination of 13 columns in the east wing and another 13 in the west wing, thus reflecting the 13 states that form Malaysia. Gallery A: Pre History – This gallery takes the visitors on an exploration of the process behind the Earth’s formation as well as provides an insight into early civilization through each of the artifacts that are displayed here. Visitors also have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with stone tools used during the Paleolithic, Hoabinhian and Neolithic Age. Among some of the more interesting artifacts is the Perak Man, – 11000 years ago. Gallery B : Malay Kingdoms – This gallery traces the development of Malay civilization through the formation of the Malay Kingdoms in the Archipelago, particularly the kingdoms that existed in the Malay Peninsula and Borneo Islands. The focus of this gallery is primarily on the Malay Melaka Sultanate, which was the golden period in the history of the Malay-Islamic civilization in this region. Gallery C: Colonial Era – This gallery guides the visitor through the arduous path trodden by the people in their unwavering struggle for independence and the formation of a new nation. It illustrates the transformation process and achievements gained since the independence of Malaya in 1957 through to the formation of Malaysia in 1963 and up to the present day. Now Malaysians of all colours and creeds are free to practice and profess their customs, cultures and religious beliefs and live in peace and harmony. Among the important documents on displays is the original copy of the letter of appointment of His Majesty, the XIV Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the head of state of Malaysia. Gallery D : Malaysia Today – This gallery exposes the early history of the nationalist movement championed by national figures from various races and of differing political backgrounds, beginning from the British intervention until Independence was achieved in 1957. This gallery also highlights the achievements enjoyed by the country after its independence until today. How to get to Muzium Negara
By Bus – Board the RapidKL bus No.115 (KL City Shuttle RM2 per day) at Central KL. KL Hop-in Hop-Off bus service is also available. For KL Hop-in Hop-Off bus, Muzium Negara is located at bus stop no 12. By KTM Commuter and Rapid Kelana Jaya Line (Previously known as Putra LRT) – Get off at KL Sentral station, then walk a distance of 0.5 km to Muzium Negara. Pedestrian path is available from KL Sentral to Muzium Negara. Follow the signboards. By MRT – Get off at Muzium Negara Station Parking Rate: RM 3.00 First Hours or part thereof
RM 3.00 Subsequent Hours or part thereof
RM 10.00 Per Entry (Bus, Van & Taxi)
RM 50.00 Lost Ticket (Penalty)
*The above rates are exclusive of 6% SST Operation Hours : Monday-Friday & Public Holidays from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm The Malay World Ethnology Museum or Muzium Etnologi Dunia Melayu:

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