Spiritual Tourism all set to Shine as a Travel Trend in India

In the past few years, the travel industry of India is witnessing a boom like no other. Every other day the country is progressing in terms of tourism and is in a self-improvement mode. Amid the many travel trends that the country is promoting, spiritual tourism is taking everyone by a storm. According to the recent stats, . It is also analyzed that the tourism sector is going to take the Indian economy up a notch from 15.24 trillion in 2017 to 32.08 by 2028.

spiritual-tourism-all-set-to-shine-as-a-travel-trend-in-india Spiritual Tourism all set to Shine as a Travel Trend in India

Moreover, it’s not just Indians who are reveling in the spiritual aura of popular pilgrimage sites[1]. International travelers also find coming all the way to India and getting indulged in spiritual activities. As per the recent reports, domestic travel has a 60% contribution from the devotional sites in the country. Even the number of international travelers visiting India is bound to reach 30.5 million by 2028.

What’s interesting to know is when it comes to learning about the history and religious importance, age is not a factor. From young wanderers to adults, all of them are curious about the traditions, prayers and ceremonies followed at the temples. The famous Char Dham circuit (Badrinath[2], Rameswaram[3], Dwarka[4], Puri[5]), Varanasi[6], Andhra Pradesh are some of the opted pious destinations. One more factor that is affecting tourism is that when travelers step in India, they get to choose from a variety of themes. If they are picking a religious tour, they also have the option of choosing adventure[7], wildlife[8], nature retreats, and beaches[9].

As a matter of fact, corporate travelers are also shifting their interest from other genres to religious practices. This is so because visitors get to connect with the almighty and fill their heart with peace, at the same time. Showing a green flag for this development in the travel industry, the government is also doing their share of work. A special budget is also being allotted for building infrastructure around these famous religious sites.

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