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There are few who are truly capable of squeezing out the most out of every moment they spend on the planet. Edmund Thomas Clint was one of them, who in a mere 7 years, finished nearly 25,000 works of art. God’s Own Country will always cherish him, and today we invite children across the globe to showcase their own talent, with an opportunity to travel and experience Kerala with their families.

Clint’s short life was marred by many troubles but he never let any such thing affect his craft. From temples to kings, snake boats to massive poorams (temple festivals), this genius gave us his story in the best ways he could. So it is now up to us to celebrate and keep alight the fire that this great young man lit and hence, we introduce the 2018 Children’s International Online Painting Competition. It is our tribute to his passion and a call for others of his caliber to step to the forefront.

sponsored-hues-of-gods-own-country Sponsored: Hues of God’s Own Country

A painting by Edmund Thomas Clint. Photo Courtesy:

sponsored-hues-of-gods-own-country-1 Sponsored: Hues of God’s Own Country

A painting by Edmund Thomas Clint. Photo Courtesy:

Who can participate: Children between the ages of 4 to 16 (born on/after 01.09.2002 and on/before 01.09.2014)

Theme: “Kerala” is the chosen theme for this year’s competition. Cover any of the myriad topics associated with God’s Own Country.  Participants can visit this webpage to access data regarding the same.

Prizes: 10 winners from across the globe and 5 winners from within the country stand a chance to win a five-night family trip to Kerala. Explore the southern shores that have mesmerized travellers for over a millennia. There are a bunch of other great prizes available as well. Close to 110 prizes will be awarded, and all other participants will be issued an online digital Certificate of Participation.


1) There is no restriction on the size of the painting. (any size of your choice)

2) Can use any medium to paint – crayons, colour pencils, sketch pens or paint/brush etc.

3) Completed works must be scanned or photographed and saved it as a jpeg file. Size of the same should not exceed 5 MB.

4)  Now upload the file on the registered profile by using the email id and password.  5 paintings per participant are allowed.

5) The last date for uploading paintings is 31st December 2018.

For full details, please access the following link www.keralatourism.org/clint.

Source: natgeotraveller.in

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