Taiping Esplanade or Padang Esplanade

The Esplanade was originally laid out in 1890 as the Parade Square and was used and marching and procession grounds by the then Perak Armed Police. It was commissioned by a Lt. Col. Robert Sandilands Frowd Walker, a key figure in the history of Taiping. A statue of Walker is still standing in the grounds of the nearby Perak State Museum. The Esplanade is surrounded by various historical buildings. – A whitewashed mansion which once served as the British Officers Mess and is still used by the Malaysian Army today. – A guardhouse for the barracks of the Malay States Guides.
– The New Club dates from 1894 and is a members only club. – Nearby All Saints Church which was the first Anglican Church to be consecrated in the Federated Malay States in 1887.
– A top a nearby small hill (Jelatong Hill) sits a fine house built in 1875 as the official residence of the Secretary to The Resident. It is now the District Officer’s residence.

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