Taiping War Cemetery

The Taiping War Cemetery is the final resting place for Allied personnel who were killed during World War II, particularly the Malayan Campaign and the Japanese occupation of Malaya. Servicemen who died after the war or during their posting in northern Malaya prior to the Malayan Emergency are also interred here. There are more than 850 World War II casualties commemorated in this cemetery, including more than 500 who remain unidentified. The cemetery is divided into two parts with Christian graves located on the southeastern side of the road while non-Christian graves being located on the opposite side. On the Christian section, a Cross of Sacrifice stands on the southeastern boundary while on the non-Christian section, a Stone of Remembrance stands on the northwestern boundary. A stone dwarf wall flanks both sides of Jalan Bukit Larut, a road which forms the boundary between the Christian and non-Christian sections of the cemetery.The graves are marked with an upright white granite headstone depicting the deceased’s regimental insignia, if known. Muslim graves are aligned facing Mecca as required by their religious convictions.

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