Taiping Zoo (Oldest Zoo in Malaysia)

Established in 1961, Taiping Zoo is the oldest zoo in Malaysia and is actually pretty decent for a zoo – especially for one in a fairly small Asian city. It covers 36 acres (15 ha) and exhibits 1300 animals representing 180 species of amphibians, mammals, and reptiles. It also has a night safari. As the only zoo in North Malaysia, it tends to receive a large number of visitors. It houses the largest number of stump-tailed macaques in Malaysia, which is thirteen, compared to six at the National Zoo of Malaysia (Zoo Negara) and five at the Malacca Zoo. There are many exhibits at the zoo, but they do not follow a geographic or generic theming. There is a large and lush African savannah exhibit for giraffes, Grant’s zebra, nyala, red lechwe, ostrich, greater flamingo, grey crowned crane, demoiselle crane, yellow billed stork and African spoonbill. Other animals in the African section are a very large lake for Nile hippopotamus, white rhinoceros and African lion. Another large exhibit themed after Australia exhibits a very enclosure group of agile wallaby, emu, southern cassowary, magpie geese, radjah shelduck and black swan. Visitors can get the experience of feeding the free ranging agile wallabies by hand. As the zoo is open by night as well, a few exhibits rotate animals and house different species by day and by night. An enclosure is home to orangutans by day and leopard cats by night and another enclosure rotates chimpanzee and serval. The primate species in the park can only be seen during the day. Many nocturnal animals are exhibited like marbled cat, flat headed cat, Asian golden cat, clouded leopard, small-toothed palm civet, masked palm civet, common palm civet, large Indian civet, short-tailed mongoose, Asian small-clawed otter, etc. There are many other animals in the park like black panther, Malayan tiger, sun bear, Asian elephant, Malayan tapir, white handed gibbon, a large pack of red dholes and many other animals. https://zootaiping.gov.my

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