Taiping’s Larut Matang Hawker Center

The Larut Matang Food Court is the best place for food, drink and dessert during the day in Taiping. Stall #58 is known for Fish Ball Char Kuey Teow (MYR5), a dish unique to Taiping, while Hor Ka Sai (a mixture of milo and coffee under a ratio of eight to two – also unique to Taiping) from another stall was MYR2.8 and has a kick to it. I also wanted the famous Char Kuey Teow from stall 83 but that stall was already closing after 4PM. At the Nyonya Kuih stands, the hawkers all seem to insist on putting their ungloved hands all over the food 😬 I can’t re-find the name of what I got (1 slice for 85 sen or MYR.85) as I have seen it in other places – its tastes like it has peanuts in it and is done in a round steamer right there before being cut up….

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