Taiping’s Restoran Yat Sun / 日新茶餐室 (Main Kopitiam)

Potatoes in gravy and roti sayur at Yut San Restaurant for Myr10 as I saw both on the google reviews and asked for them as I did not see them on the menu (then I noticed the wall menu with prices when I put my glasses on….). I had their more famous hainanese chicken chop the previous day at their air conditioned restaurant across the street: “Yut San Restaurant (日新茶餐室) – This well-known restaurant in Taiping was founded in 1920 and relocated to its current location in 1932. The main food sold of this restaurant is the Western food, including semi-cooked eggs, fried eggs, fish steaks, lamb steaks, hot and cold coffee, and tea. According to the third-generation descendant of Yut San Restaurant, the founder of Yut San restaurant was the chef in a government department during the British colonial period. He learned western food, and later started a coffee shop by himself, starting with western food, and also Chinese food recipes. Due to the food meets the halal food requirements of the friends, it attracts many friends and government officials to dine, so there are customers of all ethnic groups in this restaurant. The most popular food here is “Hainanese Chicken Chop” (海南鸡扒). The fried chicken is topped with mushroom sauce and added with onions, green beans, tomatoes, and potato chips. A plate of delicious chicken chops is served. Another signature dish is Rouge chicken (胭脂鸡) is a popular food for lunch. Besides that, the Chinese foods of this restaurant such as fried rice, fried rice noodles, Char Koey Teow (炒粿条) and Hua Dan he (滑蛋河) also received good reviews from customers. Yut San Restaurant (日新茶餐室) is one of the few traditional Chinese restaurants in Malaysia that is halal. It is loved by the three major ethnic groups, government officials and tourists. The scene of all ethnic groups eating in the same tea room makes this restaurant famous to become a “Satu Malaysia” restaurant.”

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