Take a Look at Must-Visit Tribal Destinations of India

India is the land of diverse culture, heritage and experiences. Tribal culture in India is a part of the country since centuries. The culture is a truly learning experience, as these communities still survive in the way they did for centuries. , each of them represent a vast heritage. They not only worship nature, but preserve it like a mother. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that they have many secrets we can learn about.

In harmony with nature, their lives are simpler, compassionate and in fact truly blissful. Learn about their traditions, festivals, architecture, lifestyle, food, arts & crafts and so much more. Journey from the hectic urbane lifestyle to soak in the serene bliss amid fascinating company. Here are the five places in India popular for tribal culture.


take-a-look-at-must-visit-tribal-destinations-of-india Take a Look at Must-Visit Tribal Destinations of India

The state in the North East India[1], Nagaland is one of the most interesting places in the country owing to its tribal heritage. Unexplored and in pristine form, Nagaland is home to many authentic tribal villages. Over 16 Naga tribes exist in the nature blessed land, each unique and distinct in the way of life in harmony with nature.

Far removed from the urbane chaos, the tribal villages are the last remaining oasis of colorful culture, exciting traditions, and a unique way of life. Choose to visit the villages. Here you will enjoy the ancient building style of huts and other settlements. Even more interesting is their lifestyle. Observe the colorful from clothing made by their own hands. Their arts and crafts are also quite amazing to know about. The interaction with the head-hunters and chiefs is a must, as they regale stories about their olden days. Tribal cuisines enhance the thrill of your excursion.

Also, the annual Hornbill Festival[2] in the first week of December in Kohima Tribal village is a colorful presentation of tribal heritage. Enjoy the folk music, dance, traditions and competitions in the festive spirit.

Andaman and Nicobar

take-a-look-at-must-visit-tribal-destinations-of-india-1 Take a Look at Must-Visit Tribal Destinations of India

The island archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar[3], far from the mainland India has been the home of primitive tribal communities. They preserve their way of life like they have done since centuries. While many tribals are open to the rest of the world, there are tribes who are never seen and in fact never made contact with civilization. The communities that inhabit the islands are namely- Great Andamanese, Onges, Jarawas and Sentinelese.

Andaman offers the most realistic experience of the tribal culture in India. With a glimpse of these villages you will be absolutely stunned by their lives. With a trip to Baratang Islands, come in close contact with the Jarwa Tribe Reserve. While the curious ones would themselves approach you, it is best that you do not go in search of them. Also, it is a punishable offence to offer them food, clothing, money or taking their photos.

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take-a-look-at-must-visit-tribal-destinations-of-india-2 Take a Look at Must-Visit Tribal Destinations of India

Moving on, the Nilgiris are the last domain of many tribal communities. The lush range of mountains in the South India are home to many tribal villages. The groups still follow their ancient way of lives as they have done for centuries. The region of the Toda tribal community is now a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites[6] in India.

The Toda people are among the most interesting tribal communities that live in the Nilgiris. They are open to the civilization and yet retain their ancient values. The Toda people inhabit the rolling hills of lush greenery. The villages have small half-barrel shaped huts with low entrances known as Dogles. In fact, it is so low that for one has to crawl to get inside. The vegetarian communities survive on nature’s produce. They worship the sacred buffalo. In fact, all milk procuring activities are considered sacred. Even the choosing of the dairyman is a charming ritual.

On the visit to the village, take a look at the amazing creations of the community. They specialize in traditional embroidery work. The makings of shawls is interesting. Each patterns are in contrasting colours of black, yellow, white and red threads, used for clothing.


take-a-look-at-must-visit-tribal-destinations-of-india-3 Take a Look at Must-Visit Tribal Destinations of India

The eastern state of India along the Bay of Bengal, Odisha[7] is one of the important tribal destinations in India. In fact, Odisha is home to 60 tribes. The rural villages are home to a staggering number of tribal groups that preserve the ancient traditions. Tribal tours in Odisha are available for most of the tribal communities while the ones near Puri[8] are most popular as they are open to receive travelers seeking to learn about their way of life.

The ‘adivasis’ as the tribals are called have their unique way of life. Their homes, traditions, cuisines, arts and crafts, festivals, clothing, etc. all are different. The dance for ‘Chau’ a UNESCO Intangible heritage[9] has also originated in the tribal culture. While on tribal tours in India[10], keep open your eyes and minds to take in the beauty and charm of these communities. Of special note are the arts and crafts of the gifted artists. Marvel at their produce and take them back as souvenirs of your wonderful trip.

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take-a-look-at-must-visit-tribal-destinations-of-india-4 Take a Look at Must-Visit Tribal Destinations of India

The newest state of India, Chhattisgarh[12] is home to some of the oldest communities in India. Tribals have for centuries lived on the lands, the deep dark forests and practice their olden traditions and their way of life. Among the tribal communities in India, the most prominent ones are the Gonds.

While the tribal community Gond is most popular in Chhattisgarh, they are also seen in various other parts of the country. The states such as Madhya Pradesh[13], Andhra Pradesh[14] and Maharashtra[15] as well are the habitat of the tribals. Their rather unique way of life and belief systems is the major lure why travelers seek to know more about them. Their festivities, rituals and traditions are very unique and one that mesmerizes you. Check out the creations of talented artisans. They have a range of colorful and intriguing artwork including cultural performances.

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The tribal destinations in India are unique as they observe the ancient way of live that has been a major part of the civilization.

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