TAMILNADU TOURISM | India Today – State of the States Conclave 2022

India Today – #StateOfTheStates conclave 2022, a debate on the comprehensive performance of states in India. The report was made by examining the states’ progress over a dozen categories – Economy, Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Inclusive Development, Governance, Law and Order, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Environment, and Cleanliness. The ranking explains the graph of socio-economic development across India and is also considered as the final word on the performance of Indian states.

Dr. B Chandramohan
PRINCIPAL SECRETARY – Government Tourism, Culture & Religious Endowments.
CHAIRMAN – Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation.

MR Zubin Songadwala
AREA MANAGER – South Region, ITC Hotels.

MR V Shriram
History and Inheritance Activist, Chennai.

The report prepared by the Union Ministry of Tourism shows that Tamilnadu was First in terms of International Tourists Arrivals and ranked Second in terms of Domestic Tourists Arrivals as of 2021.
The Chairman of TTDC mentioned in the last 5 years, except for 1 year Tamilnadu was ranked the highest in International Tourists Arrivals, and again except for 1 year the state was ranked the highest in domestic arrivals as well. He also added that TTDC is trying to introduce newer sectors of tourism like Adventure Tourism, Caravan Tourism which will enable the tourists to a have good experience.

Tamil Nadu is a place with several distinctive features of tourism where stories never end.

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