Thanjavur, formerly known as Tanjore, is popular as the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. Located in the fertile Cauvery delta, it is popular for its temples, arts, handicrafts, paintings, and history. It is considered the granary of Tamil Nadu and is referred to as the “rice bowl”. The city is believed to have been named after an asura (demon) named ‘Tanjan’, who was killed by Lord Vishnu.

Thanjavur is an important centre of silk weaving in Tamil Nadu. Thanjavur is also famous for the ‘Thalaiyatti bommai’ or ‘Dancing dolls’, which is a doll made from clay, wood, or plastic. The city produces bell metal crafts like Thanjavur metal plates, bronze image bowls and powder boxes made of copper and bronze. Tanjavur is also known for producing pith works, which include models of Hindu idols, mosques, garlands, and other bird figurines.of musical instruments like veena, tambura, violin, mrithamgam, thavil, and kanjira is another economic activity in the city.

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