Thailand holds “Big Cleaning Week” project for coronavirus prevention

thailand-holds-big-cleaning-week-project-for-coronavirus-prevention Thailand holds “Big Cleaning Week” project for coronavirus prevention

Bangkok, 04 February, 2020 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to provide further updates on health efforts by the Thai public and private sectors to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Nationwide “Big Cleaning Week”

Today, the Ministry of Public Health has launched the “Big Cleaning Week” to build health literacy among the general public by adjusting personal hygiene behaviour for the cleaning of houses, workplaces, and public places to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection.

Meanwhile, the Ministry’s Department of Health has stressed the importance of strict hygiene measures at government places, restaurants, food stalls, hotels, and petrol stations. The measures also cover public transport, including city buses and commuter vans, rapid transit (sky train and subway) and ferries, as well as intercity buses, coaches and trains.

The Ministry also dispatched health and medical personnel to observe visitors’ health screening and prevention efforts at attractions popular with tourists including Asiatique The Riverfront and Siam Niramit.

Asiatique The Riverfront – has a visitors’ health screening system in place with staff instructed to wear a mask. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are also provided for visitors throughout the premises.

Siam Niramit – provides face masks to visitors. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are available throughout the premises. Stepped up hygiene measures, including extra cleaning and disinfection, as well as staff are to adhere to everyday hygiene habits.

Prevention efforts by TAT’s local offices

All TAT’s local offices are constantly monitoring the 2019-nCoV situation in the country and are working closely with their respective local public and private sector partners to prevent the spread of the virus. Actions include workshops on the understanding of the virus and disease control, and preventive efforts including visitors’ health screening and extra hygiene at tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and public transport.

Once again, TAT would like to remind all to follow everyday hygiene habits as recommended by the Department of Disease Control. Frequently wash hands with soap and water or alcohol gel. Do not touch eyes, nose, or mouth unnecessarily and strictly follow the “avoid eating uncooked food, use serving spoons, wash your hands” instructions.

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