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Koh Chang
Koh Chang is the largest and most popular island in eastern Thailand. It is the third-largest island in Thailand after Phuket and Samui. But it is not developed like Phuket and Samui. Moreover, Koh Chang is not crowdy as Phuket and Samui. People who don’t like too many crowds used to visit Koh Chang. Koh Chang features beautiful white sand beaches, waterfalls, and exciting water activities.
Best things to do in Koh Chang
Hat Sai Khao Beach
The Hat Sai Khao Beach is known as white sand beach. It is very near to ferryboat jetty, which makes it an ideal tourist place. There are lots of two- and three-star hotels in addition to luxury hotels in Hat Sai Khao Beach. The exciting thing is you can see everything from the hotels. Moreover, there are also restaurants and bars you can enjoy from.
Klong Prao Beach
Klong Prao Beach is the largest beach on the Koh Chang island. The centre of the beach divided into three parts, a large bay and a small bay on the south side. Accommodation on the Klong Prao Beach is quite reasonable. There are some resorts you can choose from. On the other hand, there are a few budget hut providers. The number of resorts along the beach is few; thus, you can take a swim after a few minutes of walk.
Kai Bae Beach
Kai Bae Beach is the best family-friendly tourist beach you can find in Thailand. Beside four-star resorts, there are locally owned bungalows which offer excellent value at minimum cost. You can find small shops, bars, and restaurants through a few minutes of walks.
Bird Watching
No island can be better than Koh Chang for bird watching. Bird lovers come to Koh Chang to watch birds because it has jungles, national parks, and waterfalls where birds showed up. Beautiful birds such as swallows, sunbirds, nightjars, sea eagles can be seen in the Koh Chang.
Koh Chang also attracts fishing lovers. You can find fishing boats easily on the Koh Chang. Fishing boats offer fishing tour twice a day on every beach. Fishing boats equipped with all necessary fishing gear such as fish locator and GPS.
Best hotels in Koh Chang
When it comes to accommodation, Koh Chang is full of choices. There are more than 350 hotels, bungalows, and resorts in Koh Chang you can choose from. Here are some best hotels in Koh Chang you can choose from;
KC Grande Resort
Gajapuri Resort
Amber Sands
Chivapuri Resort
Flora i Talay
KB Resort
Nature Beach Resort