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Koh Kood
The Koh Kood is known as Koh Kut. It is one of the best islands in Thailand for visitors. The size of the Koh Kood is 20 km long and 12 wide, and it’s the fifth-largest island in Thailand. Besides beautiful beaches, it offers jungle and stunning waterfalls. Roads in the Koh Kood remain empty most of the time, which makes it ideal for exploring through the scooter.
Best things to do in the Koh Kood
Ao Noi Beach
Ao Noi Beach considered as the best beach in Koh Kood. It is located behind the Ao Noi resort, and it is the only resort available for the accommodation. Clean white sand makes the Ao Noi Beach standout among other beaches in Koh Kood. The Ao Noi features a wooden pier; You can watch small fishes from it. On the other hand, small palm trees give the tropical weather on the Ao Noi Beach.
Klong Chao Beach
The Klong Chao Beach is the centre of tourist attraction in Koh Kood island. Green trees and hills back the beach view. Sand area of the Klong Chao Beach is wider than other beaches on the Koh Kood. Horizontal palm tress allows you to tie swing between them. Moreover, Klong Chao Beach is excellent for watching the sunset. If you’re someone who is looking for high-quality accommodation in a tight budget, then Kling Chao Beach is the answer for you.
Ao Tapao Beach
Ao Tapao Beach is the busiest beach on the Koh Kood. People are always seen coming and leaving. You’ll see greener view from the beach. The water is clean and shallow. Sand is clear and soft, but its colour is white-yellowish. The length of the beach is long enough for walking. Even there is a long swing on the Ao Tapao beach, and it is great for taking some beautiful snaps.
Besides beautiful beaches, Koh Kood offers some stunning waterfalls. There is a total of three waterfalls in the Koh Kood; the most beautiful one is called Khlong Chao. To reach the Khlong Chao you will need a bike drive, then another 15 minutes walking from the bike parking place. Beside the Khlong Chao, there are other two waterfalls which are Huang Nam Keaw and Khlong Yai Kee. The Huang Nam is pretty, but Yai Kee is not so impressive. The Yai Kee waterfall became dry in the dry season. If you want to visit the Yai Kee, then you must visit it in the rainy season.
Best hotels in the Koh Kood
Resorts in the Koh Kood is very affordable. Here are some best hotels which offer premium services at a lower cost and they are;

Escape Life Koh Kood
Suan Nai Kokut Resort
Suan Nai Kokut Resort
Koh Kood Guest House by Nokky
The Lodge at Koh Kood
Wooden Hut Koh Kood
Baan Bua Cottage
Suan Maprao Ko Kut Resort
Shantaa Koh Kood
The Beach Natural Resort Koh Kood

If you’re not on a tight budget then you can reside in bungalow resort, here are few you can choose from;

Mangrove Bungalows
Koh Kood BEDs
I-Lay House
Jungle Koh Kood Resort