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Koh Phangan
The Koh Phangan is the fifth-largest island in Thailand. The size of the Koh Phangan is 167sqkm. It is 70km from the mainland. There is no airport on the Koh Phagan that’s why travellers rely heavily on ferries. Koh Phangan features stunning beaches and waterfalls. If you’re a lover of beaches and waterfalls, then Koh Phangan is the must-visit site for you.
Best things to do in Koh Phangan
Moon Parties
Moon phases parties are the best thing you can enjoy in Koh Phangan. Moon parties held on the east side of the Haad Rin Beach in every month. There are three types of Moon parties such as the Full Moon Party, Half Moon Party, and Black Moon Party. Full Moon Party is the most popular among Moon parties. Half Moon Party and Black Moon Party carry less importance compared to Full Moon Parties.
Island exploring
While visiting Koh Phangan, it is tough to miss the island exploration. The size of the island is 40km, and it has 30 beaches. You can rent a motorbike and explore all the beaches. There is a tiny beach which is called Haad Nam Tok you can’t reach it through the bike, in this case, you can hire a long tail boat for a day and explore the Haad Nam Tok.
Snorkelling and Diving
The Koh Phagan offer great opportunities for snorkelling and diving. Koh Phagan is known to be the mecca of submarine activities in the Gulf of Thailand which is located 35km north. You can enjoy snorkelling along the north and west coast of any beaches. The best centre for snorkelling is the endpoint of the beach. You can also organise diving in the Koh Phangan, but the diving spot goes further in the sea. The Koh Phangan has all necessary equipment for snorkelling and diving.
Hike to the Waterfalls
If you’re someone who loves to take hiking challenge, then the Koh Phangan has something for you. The Koh Phangan has some stunning waterfalls such as Than Sadet Waterfall, Paradise Waterfall, Prawet Waterfall, and Than Praphet. Than Sadet Waterfall is the most beautiful one among other waterfalls.
Shopping at Night market
Thong Sala night market is a great place to explore, and you must not miss it while visiting Koh Phagan. It is located on a parking lot in front of seven eleven in the centre of Thong Sala. It offers different types of food at a very cheap rate.
Best hotels in Koh Phangan
Here are a few hotels considered to be best in the Koh Phangan, you can enjoy the beautiful island from these hotels.

Santhiya Resort & Spa
Panviman Resort
Buri Rasa Koh Phangan
Rasananda Resort
Cocohut Village Resort
The COAST Resort
Sarikantang Resort & Spa
Thongyang Bungalow
Sunset Cove Resort