The Insider’s Guide to Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Want to relive your own fairytale? Plan a perfect honeymoon trip in Europe and make your dreams come true. Europe has multiple things to proffer along with unforgettable honeymoon destinations of the world to spend time with your loved one. Are you curious to know more?

Check out the list of must-visit top 15 honeymoon destinations in Europe. Exotic for all romantic couples, Europe is world-famous for snowy winters and equally blissful summers. Incredible architecture, palaces, charming festivals, exciting adventures, delightful gastronomy and more delights add to the thrill. Furthermore, the most romantic holidays with your loved ones are created at some of the best cities in Europe.

So, in this blog we introduce you to some of the top-rated honeymoon destinations in Europe.  In addition, we list about things to do and other experiences you must have to make it a memorable time.

Santorini, Greece

The famous island of Greece, Santorini is among the most visited romantic places in the world ever. The charming combination of warm sun, blue sky and endless cerulean sea are highlights of honeymoon in Santorini. While the ethereal beauty is the perfect backdrop for romance, there is so much to do and see that you will never wish to return home.

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Best Experiences of Honeymoon in Santorini

  • Exhilarate in cliff jumping, an incredible swimming spot at Amoudi bay.
  • Embark on hiking at Fira Trail.
  • Enjoy a wonderful stay at Grecian Cave house, to feel
  • Hire a quad bike towards the black sand beaches of Kamari and Perissa.
  • Revel in a wineries sunset tours.
  • Jump on a boat cruise to hot springs and active volcano.

Tuscany, Italy

Lovebirds on honeymoon in Tuscany are definitely greeted with some of the best memories of their lives. The Italian town has a stunning countryside. While taste buds are treated to delightful flavors with delicious wine as well as mouthwatering cuisine, the delights are endless. Enjoy a stroll through majestic mountains which are definitely magical. Also enjoy adventurous cycling through majestic hills, watching the crystal clear sea and exploring wonderful islands.

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Best Experiences of Honeymoon in Tuscany

  • Taste mouthwatering truffles in San Miniato.
  • Visit the iconic city Cortona, well-known for steep little streets.
  • Revel in unforgettable moments to go wild in the Monti dell’uccelina.
  • Walk through majestic Alpi Apuane with widespread forests of beech.
  • Visit to the outstanding Piero Della Francesca masterpieces in Arezzo.

Corfu, Greece

A beautiful island of Greece, Corfu is also one of the amazing honeymoon places in Europe. The stunning green island presents breathtaking views, along with amazing experiences. Do not miss the view from the Old Fortress in Corfu Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The very setting of the island inspires romance, exhilarating tales and above all memories that you cherish forever.

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Best Experiences of Honeymoon in Corfu

  • Watch the amazing sunset which will surely inspire your romantic hearts.
  • Enjoy private swims amid charming beauty of crystal clear waters.
  • Walk through vibrant Corfu town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with interesting Venetian architecture as well as delightful restaurants.
  • Exhilarate in adventurous historic horse ride of Corfu.

Venice, Italy

The list of the most romantic places in the world remains incomplete without a mention of Venice. Luring visitors since centuries with its ethereal beauty, the town is known for its amazing waterways. Furthermore, riding the gondolas on these waterways are truly exhilarating. Hold the hands of your beloved as you float by the breathtaking sites. Pay a visit to historical churches that are a part of ancient history. In addition, grab a bite of the Italian flavors.

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Best Experiences of Honeymoon in Venice

  • Exhilarate in romantic Gondola ride.
  • Taste delicious mouthwatering ice-cream, one of the best Gelato.
  • Enjoy breathtaking views from Terrazza Danieli.
  • Visit glamorous island of Burano.
  • Marvel at the vibrantly-colored houses and architecture.

Crete, Greece

The beauty of the island in Greece speaks for itself. Named among the most romantic places in Europe and also the world, it is a scenic paradise. The breathtaking mountain landscapes, beautiful sunsets and beaches will definitely make your day special. In addition, spend a memorable honeymoon while creating some of the fondest memories with proposals, dinner dates, amazing photos and more.

Best Experiences of Honeymoon in Crete

  • Walk through Rethymnon, the historic island.
  • Taste-up some mouthwatering seafood and Greek dishes with your loved one.
  • Stunning views of Balos beach, one of the prettiest beach to examine panoramic sights.
  • Visit the bustling town Chania and Venetian Harbour.
  • Visit to the beautiful Zaros Mountains.

Paris, France

While Paris is titled ‘City of Love’ then there is no question of the beautiful capital of France to be listed among the most romantic places in the world. Favored by couples from all far ends of the globe, the city has a vibe that makes you feel love. The incredible Georges Haussmann designs make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While the Eiffel Tower is the prized delight, the alleys, manicured gardens, gastronomy, shopping, make your holiday memorable.

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Best Experiences of Honeymoon in Paris

  • Make a dream journey to the Temple of love, a famous island of Paris known for incredible architecture.
  • Taste mouthwatering Tramp dinner in a hidden alley.
  • Enjoy an impressive dance on the
  • Go for an amazing drive in Vintage Citroen.
  • Explore secret waterfalls, a peaceful place in hilltop village.

Lisbon, Portugal

Colorful, exhilarating and definitely unforgettable, Lisbon, the beautiful city of Portugal is a romantic destination in Europe. Also, one of the best in the world, the city is known for rich history, amazing architecture, wide cobblestone alleys, charming views, sumptuous cuisines, drinks and above all heart-pumping Fado music. Walk hand in hand through the charming city. Witness romance in every nook and corner of the city. The days are fun sightseeing while the evenings turn all the more unforgettable.

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Best Experiences of Honeymoon in Lisbon

  • Visit to the attractive Manueline Belem.
  • Get lost with your loved one by walking in the vibrant city.
  • Visit national historical museum.
  • Awe-inspiring day trip to Sintra.
  • Taste some delicious foods in Lisbon.

Budapest, Hungary

The search for unforgettable moments to spend time with your loved one, ends at Budapest. Quite popular for its shops, delicious tastes and other amenities, the beautiful city of Hungary is one of the best places for honeymoon in Europe. The unmissable highlights of Budapest are the striking humanistic arts, world-class architecture, along with delightful options to treat you taste buds.

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Best Experiences of Honeymoon in Budapest

  • Take a boat tour on Danube River.
  • Enjoy romantic thermal bath together with your loved one.
  • Have a charmed love back once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Explore most awe-inspiring romantic sights.

Seville, Spain

Next on our list of the best places for honeymoon in Europe, we have Seville. Spain’s popular tourist destination is enamoring by all means. While the architecture fascinates you, it’s the mesmeric vibe that gets you hooked. Have an amazing moment while enjoying the flavors of tapas. Stroll through the old Jewish quarter, Barrio Santa Cruz etc. Relive fun moments with a visit to the Magical theme park with some fun rides.

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Best Experiences of Honeymoon in Seville

  • Take an adventurous Carriage Ride, a unique experience
  • Visit the charming Wander Barrio de Santa Cruz
  • Exhilarate in traditional music and dances.
  • Watch dramatic movies or the traditional artistic culture.
  • Go for peaceful spa to relax and recharge with your loved one.

Hvar, Croatia

A honeymoon in Europe is a dream come true and when you are at Hvar in Croatia, it is like living your own fairytale. Bountiful warm sunshine, beautiful bays, lush vineyards keep the couples enamored. In fact, their love deepens in the pictorial backdrop. The specimens of Gothic architecture in the walled city keep you busy at day, while the night opens up a number of other excitements.

Best Experiences of honeymoon in Hvar

  • Experience the exciting nightlife at the beach.
  • Indulge in the pleasures of the world class vineyards, Sensori spa, etc.
  • Try biking, hiking and sailing.
  • Enjoy sightseeing holding hands of your spouse.
  • Marvel at breathtaking views of wonderful nature.

Rome, Italy

Amazing by all means, Rome is one of the favorite holiday destinations in the world, especially for couples on honeymoon. The historical attractions keep your days busy exploring the olden days holding hands with your partner. The food, lively nightlife along with incredible experiences make it the fondest romantic vacation. Think no more as you are at the most romantic of places in Europe.

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Best Experiences of honeymoon in Rome

  • Make a wish at the iconic landmark, Trevi Fountain.
  • Have a mouthwatering Piazza Navona along with traditional Italian dishes.
  • Go on a heritage tour if history interests you
  • Get blessings of the Vatican for the start of your life
  • Stroll through Villa Borghese, a beauty
  • Enjoy the nighttime activities hopping pubs, clubs and more.

Prague, Czech Republic

The beautiful city of Prague is definitely one of the most romantic cities in the world and not just Europe. Stroll hand in hand with your partner enjoying the relics of history. Explore the nooks and corners of the vibrant Old Town Square. The taste of the mouthwatering cuisine is not far behind in treating you. While your eyes are treated to splendid masterpieces, all your senses are treated to an insight into the glorious elegant charm.

Best Experiences of honeymoon in Prague

  • Walk through striking Petrin Park.
  • Check out architectural wonders passing through cobbled lanes of Mala Strana district
  • Visit World-class Vysherad Poetic Cemetery.
  • Ride a historical Vintage Car driven by chauffer cum guide.
  • Take a tranquil Cruise ride around Prague’s peaceful Canal.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Moving on to our next romantic destination, we have the Amalfi Coast. Not just the best in the world but also in Europe, it is certainly heavenly for couples on honeymoon. While the ethereal beauty of the Mediterranean is beyond words, there are also exciting things to do. Bask in the bliss of mountains that plunge into crystal clear sea. In addition, adventures, thriving nightlife and equally sumptuous food make your vacation special.

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Best Experiences of honeymoon in Amalfi Coast

  • Walk hand in hand with your loved one at Positano-Beach.
  • Experience matchless fun swimming amid crystal clear.
  • Go hiking on scenic trails
  • Enjoy sunsets and the equally glorious sunrises
  • Exploring the charming town of Amalfi, Furore, walking through the ancient alleys.
  • Ride a boat or yacht to the nearby islands

Bruges, Belgium

While Europe has a number of charming cities, Bruges has a unique charm. There are many romantic experiences for couples that add to the bliss of spending time with your loved one. Adding an admirable feel to your vacation is the charming history of centuries. Gastronomy, especially waffles are famous experiences you must indulge in with your partner.

Best Experiences of honeymoon in Bruges

  • Enjoy a boat ride on the canals
  • Feed each other delightful varieties of chocolate.
  • Bask in the sun at the scenic beaches
  • Go cycling through the cities enjoying the sights
  • Picnic alongside Minewater lake
  • Stroll along Burg Square
  • Taste the delights at Breweries, the city abounds in
  • Wander through Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Salzburg, Austria

The birthplace of Mozart, the musical genius Salzburg is also one of the best places in Europe for honeymoon. Music like love is eternal, therefore the Austrian city is a favorite among couples seeking to romance. Marvel at magnificent early Baroque architecture along with amazing paintings. Enjoy picnic along the riverfront. Savor delightful food. Also, a music festival or a drink accompanied with live music goes without saying.

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  • Walk around historical Mirabell Palace and Garden
  • Enjoy picnic alongside Salzach River
  • Visit the bustling Old town market.
  • Get blessing as the Baroque Cathedral
  • Go exploring the mountains beyond the city

While Europe has always been the stuff of fairytales, a romantic honeymoon comes closest to actually fulfilling the dream.

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