The Ministry Asks Eight Bloggers to Write About Eight Destinations in Order to Boost Tourism

To make the lesser-known destinations of India popular, the ministry of tourism seek help from eight bloggers. Out of these selected travel bloggers, the majority of them are women. Their job is to write about eight places which will be decided by the ministry next week.

The bloggers’ write-ups will be published in their personal blogs. Furthermore, these blogs will be promoted on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, the write-ups will also be published on, the website of tourism ministry, as informed by an official.

The bloggers will explore the selected destinations in February and March. According to tourism minister KJ Alphons, they reached out to around 17 travel bloggers a few days ago. They had narrowed down to eight bloggers. He further added that they are very much aware of the power of social media. He also informed that they welcome new suggestions and thinking.

The minister also informed that putting some new areas on the tourism map was the need of the hour. As per Ministry officials, the bloggers will also write about famous getaways like Khajuraho[1] and Hampi[2]. But, most of their articles will be about the lesser-known destinations[3], including wildlife parks in different parts of the country besides some of the places in north-east[4].

. Apart from other things, the write-ups will also highlight the challenges faced by the bloggers and the travel routes followed. Moreover, the blogs will aim at sustainable and wellness tourism.

J Meenakshi, one of the chosen eight bloggers appreciated the initiative and believes that social media has a huge reach. The blogger was also impressed to see the interest of the readers for the write up on the Chola temples[5].

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Diksha Khiatani[6]

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