The Most Breathtaking Churches in Vietnam

It may sound strange to read about the most breathtaking churches in a South-East Asian country, yet Vietnam has a long history of colonization and Catholicism. Therefore, the country is dotted with some of the most beautiful churches in the world. We hope that our list of the most breathtaking churches in Vietnam will guide you along your journey. 

St Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

. The current building is relatively new with its construction being completed in 1987. However, it is built on the same grounds of the original St Joseph’s Cathedral, which dates back 1863. This beautiful cathedral is located in the vibrant Old Quarter within the Hoan Kiem District, meaning it is in close proximity to other tourist attractions. One can enter the cathedral between 8:00am-11:00am and 2:00pm-5:00pm. Stop for a Vietnamese coffee whilst admiring the beautiful architecture at one of the cafe’s surrounding the cathedral. 

the-most-breathtaking-churches-in-vietnam The Most Breathtaking Churches in VietnamSt Josephs Cathedral in Hanoi. Source:

Cua Bac Church, Hanoi

One of the lesser known churches but equally beautiful is the Cua Bac Church that brightens its surroundings with its bright yellow hue. This church is located in Truc Bach on Phan Dinh Phung street, which is lined with towering trees and colonial French buildings. It was constructed in 1932 by the French Administration of Indochina. One can enter the church everyday between 8:30am-12:00pm and 2:00pm-5:30pm.

the-most-breathtaking-churches-in-vietnam-1 The Most Breathtaking Churches in VietnamCua Bac Church in Hanoi. Source:

Tan Dinh Church, HCMC

Tan Dinh Church is famous for its brightly coloured pink facade, which has become somewhat of an Instagram sensation. It is definitely one of the most breathtaking churches in Vietnam. The church was built in 1876 and is often considered to be the second largest church in Ho Chi Minh City. This beautiful church has not only served as a place of religious worship but also as a orphanage for approximately 300 children. The Tan Dinh Church is located in District 3 and is open daily from 5:00am-17:30pm.

the-most-breathtaking-churches-in-vietnam-2 The Most Breathtaking Churches in VietnamTan Dinh Church in Ho Chi Minh City. Source:

Notre-Dame Basilica, HCMC

The famous Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica was built in the 1880’s by french colonists and is an important figure within the Catholic community in Vietnam. Therefore, it’s best to be respectful to those around you when visiting. The church has noticeable European features such as the brick facade, stained windows and bell towers. It is located in District 1. If you want to gain a locals perspective on one of the most breathtaking churches in Vietnam, join our Historical Tour[1] or our Religious Tour[2]

the-most-breathtaking-churches-in-vietnam-3 The Most Breathtaking Churches in VietnamSaigon Notre Dame Basillca.

Pink Cathedral, Da Nang

Built in 1923 by a French priest, the Da Nang Cathedral is the only church in Da Nang, which has resulted in it’s popularity and importance amongst the city’s catholic community. Services are held every day and entrance is free. However, it’s best to get there early due to its popularity.

the-most-breathtaking-churches-in-vietnam-4 The Most Breathtaking Churches in VietnamPink Cathedral in Da Nang, Source:

Church of Christ the King, Nha Trang

Church of Christ the King is the largest church in Nha Trang and is still in use today by the local catholic community. In was constructed in 1930 with a gothic revival architectural style. The entire building is made of stone, which acts as a perfect backdrop for various photoshoots. This is a must-see attraction in Nha Trang which can be accessed from a stone pathway on Thai Nguyen Street or the city square.

the-most-breathtaking-churches-in-vietnam-5 The Most Breathtaking Churches in VietnamChurch of Christ The King in Nha Trang. Source:

Buon Ho Church, Dak Lak Province

Buon Ho Church not only stands out because of its magnificent architecture but also because of its orange facade, which is fairly unusual for churches in this region. The church was constructed in 1970 but has undergone recent renovations. You can find this beautiful church at 155 Nguyen Trai Street, Buon Ho, Daklak Province, Vietnam.

the-most-breathtaking-churches-in-vietnam-6 The Most Breathtaking Churches in VietnamBuon Ho Church in Dak Lak Province

Mang Lang Church, Phu Yen Province

Built in 1892, it is considered to be one of the oldest catholic churches in Vietnam. Adorned with lanterns and faded yellow walls inside, Mang Lang is one of the most breathtaking churches in Vietnam. The church is named after a plant that bloomed with pink flowers that used to surround it. The church is of historical value as it is home to the first book written by Alexandre de Rhodes, who had a lasting impact on Christianity in Vietnam.

the-most-breathtaking-churches-in-vietnam-7 The Most Breathtaking Churches in VietnamMang Lang Church in Phu Yen Province. Source:

Domaine de Marie, Da Lat

Domaine de Marie doesn’t look like a conventional church. However, it is a wonderful combination of Vietnamese and French architecture. The church was built in 1940 on the top of a hill in the picturesque city of Da Lat. Although it is still in use by the local Catholic community, it is also a nunnery and orphanage. The church is open from 5:15am every more, except on Sundays when it opens at 5:00am.

the-most-breathtaking-churches-in-vietnam-8 The Most Breathtaking Churches in VietnamDomaine de Marie in Da Lat. Source:

There are so many beautiful churches in Vietnam that are worth visiting! These churches play an important part in the history of Vietnam, which makes them all the more worthwhile to visit.

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