The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

The world’s most luxurious experiences is definitely on the bucket list of most travelers. While many dream of indulging in pampering, mega yachts, hot air balloon rides, gourmet dining, exploring or simply soaking in bliss, there is more to it. In fact, true luxury comprise of experiences, sights never seen before, and transformations that leave you a changed person. From the far-flung Himalayas to the splendors of Europe, tropical beaches to serene desert, chaotic-cities to places never set foot on, feel untold pleasures.

Check out our list of the most lavish experiences in the world:

Relaxing Ayurveda and Spa in the Himalayas

the-most-luxurious-experiences-in-the-world-to-include-on-your-bucket-list The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

Pampering yourself is the definition of true bliss, therefore we start our blog with the indulgent Ayurveda therapies. The Himalayas were once for ascetics in search of bliss, now it offers some of the most luxurious experiences. While it’s the ideal setting to forget your worries, Ayurveda is truly relaxing as well as rejuvenating for the body, mind and soul.

The ancient science of health and wellness of Ayurveda is almost 5000 years old. While, do not go on its antiqueness, it very much holds its value till date. Luxuriate amid the picturesque beauty of Himalayas. A number of charming resorts and their extraordinary services make the experience of relaxing Ayurveda and Spa therapies is a cherished delight.

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A ride on the luxury trains of India

the-most-luxurious-experiences-in-the-world-to-include-on-your-bucket-list-1 The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

Luxury trains are truly among the cherished experiences. Besides a means of traveling, luxury trains in the world offer truly indulgent bliss. The rail journeys pass through picturesque landscapes, but that is not all. Expect lavish suites, gourmet food, indulgent spa treatments, hospitality by a very own valet and many more state-of-the-art amenities on board.

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Enjoy rides aboard the 19th century run locomotives or modern luxury trains, royal-themed and more. . The five Indian luxury trains offer regal interiors, pleasurable amenities, amazing sightseeing and some of the most cherished experiences.

Private Yacht Ride on Bosphorus River

the-most-luxurious-experiences-in-the-world-to-include-on-your-bucket-list-2 The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

Moving on, we come to the epitome of luxury, yacht rides. These sailboats take you on a memorable adventure that few things can match upto. A truly exciting experiences awaits in The Bosphorus River, the vibrant heart of Istanbul. Under the shadow of empires and kings, , two different worlds and different cultures. Glimpse at the bygone glories of Ottoman Empire, from the deck of a luxury yacht. While you sip wine, treat your senses to views of temples, mosques, and palaces.

Escape the world and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The recreational sport is amazing and if you are on your honeymoon, then this is absolutely the best part of your vacation. Ride in style, spend intimate moments and enjoy rendezvous with the sea like never before!

Stargazing amid nature

the-most-luxurious-experiences-in-the-world-to-include-on-your-bucket-list-3 The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

Stars and space are mysteries for human beings, therefor what more could be memorable than pondering over these. No matter your age, stars always look beautiful making you wonder about the world at large. Stargazing is pure bliss and this luxurious experience can be enjoyed fully in India.

While the ‘roof of the world’ the Ladakh region opens up the beauty of skies like never before. The moon and the stars in all its splendor bless the region with their beauty. Also, not far behind is the Rann of Kutch[3]. The largest salt marsh desert is surreal. In full moon night the eerie white sands truly look breathtaking.

Underwater Dining in Maldives

the-most-luxurious-experiences-in-the-world-to-include-on-your-bucket-list-4 The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

Gourmet dining is blissful but making it truly luxurious, is underwater dining. Maldives has quite a number of underwater restaurants that make it an experience of a lifetime. Set amid the ocean, surrounded by marine life, it is certainly an unforgettable delight.

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Several feet under the sea, these restaurants offer 5-star dining, chef-special platters and ambiance that certainly is among the best in the world. This lavish experience is something that few can boast about. While your taste buds are treated to heavenly flavors, fishes and marine species pass by the glass. The colorful corals and the adventure seekers enhance the charming view.

7-Star Luxury Stay in Dubai

the-most-luxurious-experiences-in-the-world-to-include-on-your-bucket-list-5 The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

When the city of Dubai is synonymous with luxury then how can we miss out the extravagant pleasures the city offers! Among the world’s most cherished experiences, is a stay at a 7-Star Hotel! While very few of them exist in the world, it certainly deserves a spot among the most luxurious experiences you can indulge in while on travels around the globe.

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Dubai’s Burj Al Arab made headlines as the world’s first seven-star hotel. Opulent beyond words, the iconic sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab is truly a signature luxury destination. Named among the world’s most luxurious hotels, it is a stunning pleasure offering the finest services and experiences. Get pampered with chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, private beach access, pictorial terrace with pools, world’s best dining venues, and many more.

Ultimate spa treatment in Bali

the-most-luxurious-experiences-in-the-world-to-include-on-your-bucket-list-6 The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

Bali conjures images of paradise and bliss, therefore there is no doubt that here you can have some of the most cherished experiences. Spa treatments in Bali are counted among the best in the world. The magical setting of cerulean waters, green palms, looming mountains in the backdrop, an aura of timelessness enhances the bliss of the spa therapies.

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Traditional Balinese massage use fragrant massage oils to soothe the body, mind and soul. But, that is not all. Spa treatments in Bali include rituals from all over the world. Truly memorable for honeymooners for the ultimate spa experience. In addition of spa, also enjoy the delightful pampering treatments of hot and cold Jacuzzis, dry and herbal mist saunas, showers and a dedicated relaxation places. Why you must try this is, for the absolute sensual pampering!

Sleep in a Palace

the-most-luxurious-experiences-in-the-world-to-include-on-your-bucket-list-7 The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

The experience of re-living olden days and the feel of royalty is truly amazing. Think of staying at royal palaces, castles, olden mansions and relive the bygone tales. While there are such royal accommodations all over the world, there are few that are undeniably unmissable delight.

The charming castles of Europe and the royal palaces of India deserve a special mention. Feel yourself whisked away in a fairytale. The lavish lodgings have comforts fit for royalty. The regal décor comprise of royal memorabilia that were once used by royal families. Extravagant dining, thrilling activities and the most memorable time, get ready to relive the medieval times?

Toast  in the City of Light

the-most-luxurious-experiences-in-the-world-to-include-on-your-bucket-list-8 The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

Moving on with the list of the most luxurious experiences in the world, we come to the ‘City of Light’ Paris. A toast of wine in the city is truly lavish. While the beauty and charm of the city keeps your hearts captivate, the flavor of the French wine take you on a surreal delight.

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A good glass of wine or champagne appeals to all your senses. Savor the delight by sight, touch, taste and smell. Clink the glasses and indulge in the all-encompassing sensual experience. The vineyards of France are legendary, producing some of the best varieties of wines in the world. Luxury-seeking travelers, especially the romantics are in for an experience of a lifetime. Sip bubbly enjoying the spectacular views of the French countryside. Go behind the scenes to see how each celebratory bottle is created and also take home souvenirs.

Grand Canyon at sunset

the-most-luxurious-experiences-in-the-world-to-include-on-your-bucket-list-9 The Most Luxurious Experiences in the World to include on your Bucket List

Sunset views are spectacular and making it all the more special is the sight from the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Opt for the evening helicopter ride over the Ambiance National Park of Grand Canyon. The unique combinations of geography colored in the different shades of the setting sun is truly unforgettable. On your flight, take a look at the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and stunning desert wilderness. Marvel at the breathtaking vistas and feel on the top of the world!

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