The Seasons Episode 6: The Ancient Stone

the-seasons-episode-6-the-ancient-stone The Seasons Episode 6: The Ancient Stone

TAT Newsroom Short Documentary
The Seasons Episode 6: The Ancient Stone
Theme: Sea Scape Historical
Duration 3 minutes
Location: Ko Khao Yai’s 1,000 Pagodas, Satun


Tourists visiting Ko Khao Yai at Ban Bo Chet Luk, which is part of the Ko Phetra National Park of Satun province, will be greeted by a mass of nearly a thousand bizarre-looking spire-like rocks.  This spectacular site is like a bridge connecting us to the pre-human evolutionary age.  During the summer low tides, the seawater recedes below the sandy ground revealing gigantic tunnel-like cavities.  To the locals, this mass of rocks is known as ‘The 1,000-Spire Pagoda’.

; Thanks to this unique feature, Ko Khao Yai became Thailand’s first geological site to be declared a UNESCO World Geological Site.

Ko Khao Yai’s tourism is community-managed.  Local residents proposed ideas, implemented them and designed tourism programmes that conform to their original way of life.  Today, the ‘1,000-Spire Pagoda’ is amongst Thailand’s most perfectly conserved natural attractions.  An ideal site for studies in geology, natural history and cultural anthropology, Ko Khao Yai is a piece of well-recorded evidence of sub-oceanic conditions of 500 million years ago.

About “The Seasons”

“The Seasons Episode 6: The Ancient Stone” is part of the 12- episode travel documentary series that reveal the untold stories of the unique way of life of the Thai people and the amazing scenery of natural attractions in different regions. There are four episodes for each of the three seasons that Thailand has in a year: rainy, cool and summer.

“The Seasons” follows the TAT Newsroom’s inaugural seven-part travel documentary series, titled ‘Insight Thainess’, to promote Thai values through the country’s unique way of life. To view the previous episodes, please log on to: TAT Newsroom’s Thai Travel VDOs[1].


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