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The rich art and culture of Thanjavur reflect the traditional legacy and ancestral heritage of the ancient times that have percolated to the modern era. Tanjore art is distinguished by its classical Carnatic music, exquisite paintings, cultural events, religious festivals, and exotic cuisines.The Carnatic music of Thanjavur represents the rich musical ancestry of the bygone era. The musical instruments of Veenai and Thavil cast a magical spell on the audience with their enchanting melodies. The culturally enriched local indigenous inhabitants of the place have a strong background in classical music.

Thanjavur has several music schools that impart formal training in the classical music of Carnatic. The singers of the Carnatic music sing on days of special religious, social and cultural occasions. Accompanied with traditional musical instruments of Veenai and Thavil, the artists sing with great fervor and zeal and fill the air with music, joy and mirth. The enchanting melodies of the Carnatic music relieve the audience from the stress and strains of regular life.

Tamil Nadu is a place with several distinctive features of tourism where stories never end.

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