Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

Your honeymoon is a special time for you and your sweetheart to celebrate your new marriage together and to enjoy a beautiful destination. It should be a wonderful and romantic experience, so here are some Kerala Honeymoon Activities using which you make your honeymoon even more memorable if you are honeymooning in Kerala. These lovely and romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities in our list should be done by any couple together.

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The beautiful landscapes and favourable geography of Kerala make it a prime honeymoon destination and provide a romantic ambience for honeymooners or newly-wedded couples. If you are planning for a honeymoon Kerala may be an ideal destination to enjoy it to the hilt.

Kerala Honeymoon Activities

1. Watch the Sunrise Together

There is something incredibly romantic about watching the sun come up as the sky changes colours and the pale dawn light illuminates your surroundings. When you watch a new day begin, it represents the beginning of your married life together. Perhaps you get up early to watch the sunrise and perhaps you dance the night away and watch it rise before you collapse into bed – either way, it will be a wonderful memory. A Hill Station like Munnar or a beach like Marari or Kovalam is the best place in Kerala to watch a sunrise together which is the best Kerala honeymoon activity.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

2. Go For a Romantic Dinner

Make sure that you go for a special romantic meal at least once during your honeymoon, if not every day. Choose somewhere a little out of your normal price range and get dressed to the nines. It’s fun to treat yourselves to gourmet cuisine and seeing each other looking your best in the flattering candle-light and romantic atmosphere will certainly light your flame!
top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-1 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

3. Get an Ayurveda Couple Massage

This is a luxurious treatment that involves both you and your sweetheart getting pampered side by side – what could be more romantic than that? It will make you feel fantastic and it will also be a lovely bonding experience. Most of the luxury hotels will have a spa that will offer couples massage treatments, so make sure that you ask when you are booking your accommodations. There are Ayurveda treatments and state-of-the-art spa facilities to rejuvenate your tired nerves and enjoy some moments of intimacy together in Kerala Ayurveda Packages. Rather than going for roadside establishments that offer cheap packages opt for a good resort that offers authentic Kerala Ayurveda Packages which you can find on a site like AyurEscapes.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-2 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

4. Stay in a Kerala Treehouse

There are treehouses built out of various materials and in varying configurations, sizes and shapes in Kerala. Some have their foundations firmly planted on the ground, while others have trees growing right through the middle. However, each one of these treehouses is going to bring out the privacy you need and the kids in you and stay in any Treehouse resort is a romantic escape without any touch with the cacophony in cities. Kerala may be among the few destinations where treehouse tourism for honeymoon couples are gaining popularity and our Dream Kerala Honeymoon Package with Treehouse Stay is a popular choice for Kerala honeymoon tours.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-3 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

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5. Order Breakfast in Bed

Start each day of the honeymoon romantically relaxed, by showing your loved one how much you love them by serving breakfast in bed with a romantic touch by serving mimosas with strawberries and toasting to each other.
For at least one morning on your honeymoon, you should lounge around in bed together, snuggling, making love and talking about your future together. There is no need to leave the hotel room, just order a nice big breakfast in bed and sip coffee while you cuddle. Who knows, you might just want to order lunch in bed too and not leave the room for most of the day! It’s your honeymoon, so enjoy your time together to the fullest.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-4 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

6. Visiting the Heart-Shaped Lake in Chembra

If your girl loves trekking; then do not miss the chance of taking her to Chembra Peak. Let her enjoy the trekking while you two ultimately reach the Chembra Peak and you pop out the question while keeping the Chembra Peak as the standing witness of your love!

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-5 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

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7. Getting Wet Under Waterfalls in Kerala.

There are many magnificent waterfalls in Kerala, where you can spend some lovely time with your soul mate. Vazhachal, Athirappally Soochipara, Attukal etc. are some of the most popular waterfalls in Kerala. There are a lot of waterfalls on the way to Munnar as well where you can get wet and enjoy the fun and feeling of water on your body with force.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-6 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

8. Try an Adventurous Activity in Kerala

Whether it is bungee jumping, white water rafting or scuba diving, try something that will get your blood pumping and your adrenaline flowing and enjoy adventure tourism in Kerala. It will be a bonding experience for you and it will enhance the intimacy between the two of you. It might seem a little scary to try a new extreme sport, but when you are with your partner they can support you and help you feel safe.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-7 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

9. Try Something New in the Bedroom

Bring along a new sex toy that you have always wanted to try, or experiment with a new technique or position. Perhaps you could dress up and role play, or bring some handcuffs and restraints and tie each other up? There are lots of fun ways that you could explore your sexuality together, so have lots of fun in bed during your honeymoon.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-8 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

10. Do Things Apart From Each Other

While you are on your honeymoon, you don’t have to spend every moment of the vacation glued at the hip to each other. Make sure that you plan some activities that you can enjoy on your own. This is your chance to do something that perhaps your partner might not be interested in, whether it is the local art gallery or parasailing. How is this romantic? Being able to pursue your own interests independently from your partner is a very important part of a healthy relationship!

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-9 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

11. Get Honeymoon Photos Taken in Tea Gardens of Munnar

You got photos taken of your wedding, but why not have photos taken of your honeymoon as well? Hire a professional photographer to explore your destination with you so that you can take photos of yourself lounging on the beach, strolling through a beautiful historic European city or trekking in the jungle. These shots will be beautiful reminders of how much fun you had while travelling together. When you get home, why not print them off and frame them so that you can display these precious memories in your home.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-10 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

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12. Wander and Ramble

Take the time during your honeymoon to simply wander around your destination aimlessly, taking in the sights and having deep conversations with each other. When you wander with no schedule or expectations, you often tend to discover hidden gems and other points of interest that you would not have seen otherwise. Also, laid back walks together will give you a chance to have those long rambling conversations where you share your feelings and thoughts and get to know each other even better.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-11 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

13. Try a Kerala Village Life Tour in a cycle

The rural life in a Kerala Village, untouched by the sophisticated behaviours of industrialization offers a pristine experience to any traveller. Village life of Kerala is a memorable and cherishable experience and is a chance to experience verdant swaying coconut palms, acres of green paddy fields and rural backwater life.

Far from the tumult and turmoil of the cities these villages usher us into a world were contentment and peace prevail and what better way to enjoy the Kerala Village Tour than watching the idyllic village folk in a Kerala village tour. This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to witness in person the nuances of crafts-making and skills of traditional artisans of Kerala and enjoy the beauty of the Kerala countryside. A cycle ride with your beloved through the lush green cover of these spice gardens in Munnar of a Kerala Village near backwaters can prove to be therapeutic.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-12 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

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14. Go for Amusement Park Rides

Kerala has some of the best amusement parks in India and Theme park destinations like Wonderla, Silver Storm, Vismaya are increasingly becoming popular honeymoon choices where couples can have fun and thrill together. You can try out riding the numerous amusement park rides and cling to each other in some of the high altitude activities.
top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-13 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

15. Plan a Surprise for Each Other

Another wonderful way to make your honeymoon special is to plan a surprise for each other. Think about what your partner would love to experience at your destination, then set it up for them without their knowledge. For example, it could be horseback riding along the beach, a wine tasting tour or a candle-lit meal at their favourite type of restaurant. This will be a delightful surprise and the best Kerala honeymoon activity that they will remember for many years.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-14 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

16. Stay in a Beach Resort

Start the day with a walk along the beach, and then hit the Ayurveda Spa, where treatments such as the Abhigyanam make it easy to unwind. Relax by the hotel swimming pool and, when you feel the pangs of hunger hit the restaurants in the best beach resorts in Kerala, which serves a lengthy menu of tropical drinks.

top-10-romantic-kerala-honeymoon-activities-for-any-couple-15 Top 10 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Activities for any couple

There are gorgeous beaches in Kerala in the sand dunes facing the Arabian Sea where the limitless charm of sea waves and romantic ambience of the beach will let you remain close throughout the night in an open atmosphere. There are comfortable and cosy rooms with glass windows that overlook the ocean where beach bonfires are lit every evening at sunset.

If you have still not decided on your honeymoon destination then Kerala can be an ideal choice. There are very few places like Kerala that offers a variety of experiences like backwaters, hill stations, beaches and waterfalls. Watch the video below on why a honeymoon in Kerala is always special.

These are just 16 of the romantic things that every couple should do on their honeymoon – which ones will you do with your sweetheart on your getaway together if you are planning for a honeymoon in Kerala?

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