Top 10 things to do in Alleppey

Kerala, God’s own country, is one of the most fabulous tourist destinations in India. Lush greenery, soothing atmosphere, and surreal calmness are the key specialities of this wondrous state. Alleppey is a serene and beautiful town of Kerala, a place that brightens up the enthralling calmness of the state. Adorned with exotic lagoons, gleaming backwaters, and lush greenery, Alleppey entices tourists from all over India and abroad. It is heavenly and divine to spend a weekend or a vacation in the town. Boating on the backwaters, soaking into the soothing breeze, and floating with the freshness in the air are the different ways you can spend time in Alleppey. 

Want a detailed description of how you want to spend a memorable vacation in this quaint town?

In this article, we will discuss in detail the top 10 things to do in Alleppey.

top-10-things-to-do-in-alleppey Top 10 things to do in Alleppey

Relaxing on the beaches

The beach line of Alleppey is known as Alappuzha. Relaxing along the shores and the golden sandy beaches are one of the best and enthralling things to do in Alleppey. Observing the sunrise and the sunset at the beaches must not be missed. You can witness the golden rays of the sun spread their hue over the Arabian sea waters, imparting a sparking effect around.

Strolling along the beach and spending leisure time with family and friends is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the environment. Soaking into the balmy breeze and pacifying the soul with the blissful air around is a wonderful feeling. You can spend a fun-filled day, playing some water sports, swimming and doing beach activities. There is an abandoned lighthouse to visit near the beach.

Another attraction is the 137-year-old pier that stretches for a long distance into the sea. You can walk along the pier to a certain distance and click some breathtaking photographs of the sea view, and the beach view. 

Cruising along the backwaters

Boating and cruising along the backwaters are some of the exciting and thrilling things to do in Alleppey. It’s a popular way to spend a peaceful time floating on the serene waters. The view around is picturesque with lots of greenery in between and the shores lined with small villages and tall palm and coconut trees. The recommendation is to avail the boats in the afternoon and watch the sunset at dusk while cruising on the waters.

It’s a splendid feeling to watch the sunset on the horizon and unfurling its vivid golden rays over the waters. Do not miss out on capturing these spectacular moments with your camera lens. You can even stay in the houseboats and spend overnight engulfing into the serenity of the environment around you. They serve good food and drinks inside the houseboats.

Hop on to the villages along the coasts to savour some of the delicious and fresh seafood and local drinks. The fried fish dishes garnished with spices are an ultimate local delicacy. The boats and houseboats pass through small canals and paddy fields, a pleasing experience to witness on the cruise. Experience the village life at Kuttanad

Kuttanad is called the Rice Bowl of India. Paddy fields, coconut trees, sparkling water streams, and spice plants circumference this reposeful village. Duck and fish farming are some of the key activities of the villagers, besides paddy and spice cultivation. Strolling through the village and mingling with the villagers are some of the popular things to do in Alleppey. You can join hands with the villagers to aid them in paddy and spice farming. It’s a good opportunity to learn about their daily lives, their way of living, culture, festivals, and traditions.

Interestingly, Kuttanad is the lowest point in India. You can experience how agricultural farming can be done below sea level. It’s precious to feel the rustic and rural feel of the place. The special attraction is the Heritage Agricultural System along with its well-planned canals and coconut farmlands. The place is perfect for nature admirers and photographers. Savour your taste buds with the local foods prepared by the villagers. It’s absolute bliss to walk around the village, feel the freshness in the air and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Bird Watching At Pathiramanal Islands

Pathiramanal Islands near Alleppey is the home for thousands of local, water, and migratory birds. Bird-watching at the islands is one of the enchanting things to do in Alleppey. There are about 90 species of local birds and approximately 50 species of migratory birds. You must separate out some ample amount of time to spend watching the birds in their natural habitat.

The common ones are Pintail ducks, night heron, Indian shag, Kingfisher, whistling duck, egret, pheasant, drongo, waterhen, myna, cormorant, cotton pygmy goose, and many more. The best part is to watch the birds splashing on the waters and entertaining the ears with their melodious chirping. You can spend the entire daytime accompanied by the birds with their various antics and sounds. Many rare and unique species of birds can be observed in the islands, a delight for photography lovers. It is highly recommended to reach the islands via speedboats. It is adventurous and thrilling while being amid the beautiful landscape.

Enjoy a relaxing spa

The state of Kerala is well-known for hosting some fabulous spa resorts and Alleppey is not an exception. In fact, enjoying a relaxing spa is one of the best things to do in Alleppey. You can choose to stay at a spa resort or visit a spa lounge to refresh your body and mind. Besides, there are different types of spas for relieving body pains, muscle, and joint pains.

Even there are treatments for chronic ailments like blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and migraines, etc. The charges start from almost INR 1000 onwards. There are professionals and medical experts at the spa resorts, who evaluate and analyze your medical statistics. Depending on the evaluation, they will recommend you the packages and programs to opt for and select.

You can achieve much-needed calmness and peace from the daily fatigue and stress. The spas are a great relief from the tension and anxieties that engulf us in our regular humdrum of life. Some of the popular spa resorts in Alleppey are the Palm Beach resort, Lake Canopy, Abad Turtle Beach, Warmth Lake Heaven, Uday Serenity Backwater resort, and many more. You can enjoy a comfortable stay while experiencing a relaxing spa massage.

Visit the temples and churches

A trip to Alleppey is incomplete if you do not visit the temples and churches. The exemplary religious places of worship remind of the pious and holy minds of the people in the city. It is also a witness to the revival of Hinduism and Christianity in this quaint little town. The prominent among them are Ambalapuzha Krishna temple, Chettikulangara Bhagavathy temple, Nagaraja Temple, Latin Catholic Church, St Andrew’s Florence church, and St Mary’s church. You will love the simplistic yet artistic design of the structures.

You must spend a few minutes inside the temples and churches to feel the divine essence. The temples and churches are frequented by devotees from the city, the state, and various regions of India. For years they have uplifted the tradition and heritage of the city and the state as a whole. Especially the practice of Ayurveda, healing many human souls of distress and ailments. History buffs will really enjoy visiting the temples and churches as each one has a story or myth behind its establishment. The artistic brilliance and the surrounding of the temple lure the photographers too to click some memorable pictures.

A Tour of the Famous Revi Karunakaran Museum

One of the best things to do in Alleppey is to visit the famous Revi Karunakaran museum. The museum is particularly renowned for its variety of crystals; sure to keep you mesmerized. The crystals on display are the collections of the Revi Karunakaran family members. The total artefacts of the museum count up to almost 3000; truly one of the best things to do in Alleppey.

The key among them is the sparkling world-famous Swarovski crystal collection. There are several art pieces in the museum of ancient India like the Tanjore paintings, antique furniture, ivory worlds, porcelain items, and other traditional items which were used by the people of the old times.

It’s good to visit the museum and learn about the culture, traditions, and history of ancient India and its people. The museum was established in the year 2003 by Betty Karan, wife of the late Revi Karunakaran. Collections from 3 generations of the family are said to be present in the museum. Besides, you can witness the intermingling of the 4 religions of India – Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. 

Shopping at the local markets

Shopping is a part of any travel. And you must not miss while visiting Alleppey. Buying souvenirs and gift items for near dear ones and even for memory is one of the mandatory things to do in Alleppey. You can find the authentic and traditional jewellery of south India and try them on. Local and handmade handicrafts and home items can be found in plenty for purchase.

The prices are affordable but you may need to bargain a bit to settle at a favourable price. Alleppey is famous for spices, so do not miss out on some of the packets of spices being sold in the markets. The spices in this city, are one of the best in India. It is good to buy spices from the well-known Canal Bazaar. You must not miss picking up some of the local gift items as a memory of the trip.

The prominent market to trudge on is the Alappuzha Zakariya market. If you are planning to cook and stay in a homestay, then you can try out some fresh fish from the market. Furthermore, there are many maritime products available in the market for shop alcoholics and market hoppers. Another prominent marketplace in the city is the floating Triveni market. The shopowners sell different household items, spices, groceries, vegetables, and fruits from the boats floating on water. Alleppey is also famous for coir and carpets. You may check them out in the traditional state emporiums or the local markets. 

Go for a Nightwalk

Nightwalk is one of the thrilling and exciting things to do in Alleppey. You can either light a bonfire or campfire and chill out at night with some food and drinks. It is best to stay at a resort or a camp near the backwaters. The experience is pleasing to sit beneath the star-lit sky and listen to the gurgling sound of the waters. Some of the resorts arrange for walking tours at night where the guests get an opportunity to meet with the local people.

The tours and the night walks provide a great insight into the lives of the locals, their culture, food habits, traditional attire, heritage, and festivals. You can taste the local foods with them to satiate your taste buds. Besides, you will love to learn their colloquial language. Walks at night in Alleppey are peaceful and blissful, a way to refresh your mind and soul. So if you are curious to deep dive into the culture and history of the city and the state, then do not miss out on a walking tour through the lanes of the city. 

Hop on to the Coir Museum

Coir is very famous in Alleppey. Hence one of the best things to do in Alleppey is to hop on to the coir museum. You can witness the process of coir making and also learn from the artists. Along with the coir makers, you can sit and try weaving some of the local items made of coir. You can find several products made of coir in the museum, like ornaments, bags, home decor products, and small replicas of animals and birds. There is an adjacent coir factory where you can visit and watch all the steps of coir-making; it is quite an interesting activity to engage in.

And to Conclude…

Alleppey is a charming and picturesque town with a combo of natural beauties and historical heritage. The main reason being flocked by thousands of tourists each year, visiting this attractive city again and again.

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