Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic Escape

Romantic honeymoons often mean long walks on the beach,candlelit dinners and pampering luxurious accommodation in 5 star resorts. , Treehouse facing Waterfalls in Athirappilly, . From the green meadows of Vagamon to to colonial streets of Fort Kochi, these are our picks for the best romantic getaways and best honeymoon destinations in Kerala.

Flowers and chocolates are so passe in romance. Let sparks fly in the best Kerala Honeymoon Places for a romantic getaway anytime of the year and specially during Valentines Day. Red Rose petals, Romantic dinners and a private couple walk are just some of the indulgences that you can get in any resort for a special honeymoon getaway. However there are some natural encounters in Kerala where you can get ready for your most romantic weekend getaway yet.

Here are the top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places where you can take your valentine for a Romantic Escape and do something different for a special romantic date and fill it with love, surprises and couple activities.

1. Munnar- Tea Gardens Walk and Photo as a Honeymoon Souvenir

, basking in the combination of white mist and sunshine at dawn, where ladies gets ready to pluck fresh tea leaves is the most popular honeymoon destination in Kerala. You step out into the the mountains covered with tea gardens and time stands still. Visitors can take picture while walking through these gardens with the shade of green all around. The lush green tea gardens , at the heart of the Munnar, is the showstopper here. . Your senses open up to take in the fragrance of the tea , punctuated by birdcalls, and the awe-inspiring enchanting view of other tourist attractions like echo point and waterfalls. Checkout our Munnar Tour Packages with Prices[1] to explore Honeymoon in Munnar.

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic EscapeTea Plantations in Munnar

2. Wayanad- Chembra Peak and Heart Shaped Honeymoon Lake

Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad district of Kerala and a perennial heart shaped lake half way to the top of the peak is rated among the best honeymoon spots in Kerala.The lake is believed to be perennial and always has water in it at any time of the year. The heart shaped honeymoon lake is halfway to the peak and you need to walk and trek through about a km or two of dense trees to reach the top of the peak after reaching the lake. The Lake is mostly covered with mist and snow and is an ideal place for a couples hangout and is rated among the best honeymoon places in Kerala. Checkout our Enticing Wayanad Tour Package[2] for a trip to Chembara Peak.

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape-1 Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic EscapeA heart shaped lake on the way to the top of the Chembara peak is a major tourist attraction in Wayanad

3. Kumarakom- Houseboat Cruise in Backwaters

[3]. Take a cruise through the backwaters in Kumarakom for up-close views of verdant rice paddies and verdant coconut groves. We recommend Kumarakom over Alleppey for couples as Kumarakom has vast backwaters unlike the narrow backwater ways in Alleppey which are much more crowded.If you’re planning on visiting the backwaters of Kerala, consider booking a houseboat from August to February. Summer months means humidity, more tourists and overcrowded backwaters, while monsoon brings shuttered businesses and stormy weather and the season we suggested is the best time to visit Kerala[4] that will offer the best food, less crowd and enjoyable climate.

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic Escape

4. Marari Beach- Traditional Kerala Cottage with Private swimming pool

Mararis shimmering turquoise-blue waters are an attraction in their own right with bright sun, and delicious food attract honeymooners and seasoned travelers alike. Maybe you would prefer that dip before you start the morning with a beach walk in the morning in a swimming pool inside the private cottage. Swimming in a vast pool where privacy is secluded is an instant pick-me-up for any partner. Make some great memories and play some couple games, maybe. Nothing relaxes tired legs after a day’s coupld walk and stroll like spending some the couple time in the swimming pool before a good nights sleep as well.Checkout our Classic Kerala Luxury Holidays [5]

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic EscapeThatched Grass Roofs are unique to Marari Beach Resort

5. Athirappilly- Treehouse facing Waterfalls in

Athirappilly is largely untouched by crowd that comes to Kerala for sightseeing and tourism, and there is a tree house resort in Athirappilly that provides unparalleled rumble, roar and views of waterfalls amidst the forests with seclusion and privacy. You can sit out in the lush green lawn in this resort and watch as the  athirappilly waterfalls[6] disappears at the end of the day as sunlight fades away and you can also have a pristine view of waterfalls while doing a swim in the pool that faces waterfalls. This honeymoon place that is the hidden gem in Kerala is an ultimate seclusion for any couple.

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape-2 Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic Escape

6. Kovalam- Rocky Promenade overlooking the beach

The rocky shores of the Kovalam Beach belong in the pages of a romantic mills and boon novel where a massive rocky high land that juts out into the sea on the beach has created a bay that is ideal for bathing in the sea with calm waters. Visitors can explore unique cliff top and fishing villages, enjoy a cultural show, or stroll through beachfront highlands. Climb the Cliff and view the lighthouse of Kovalam that lookout over Kovalam shoreline and the Arabian Sea . Spend the day touring Kovalam in one of the Exotic Escape in Kerala[7], a lush seaside village with cliff side gardens and plenty of people watching. You can enjoy your stay at the Leela Kovalam beach resort is known for its world class dining, seamless service, and palatial accommodations. Enjoy the Sunbathing, swimming, herbal body toning massages, special cultural activities like Kathali show and and ayurveda massage with your special one. Checkout our Luxotic Escape[8] for a holiday in Kovalam at two of the best beach resorts in Kerala[9].

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape-3 Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic Escape

7.Fort Kochi- Heritage Streets and Colonial Culture

Fort Kochi’s many moods and the historic ambience, and laid-back colonial charm make it a cosy and cultural romantic getaway. Stroll through wide streets in the Princess Street, which features heritage bungalows and roadside eateries packed with the non Indian crowd. The boat jetty offers picture-perfect scenery, complete with Chinese fishing nets and views of the Kochi Harbor. Spend an evening in Kasi Arts cafe, and explore the property’s hart collection and friendly environment.The Princess Street boasts some of the best restaurants and boutique cottages, and it offers narrow alleys with quaint shops perfect for purchasing some souveneirs from Kerala. Enjoy Fort Kochi with our Kochi Tour Packages[10] for a holiday to enjoy colonial Fort kochi.

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape-4 Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic Escape

8. Poovar- Floating Cottages in Estuary

What is honeymoon without a unique stay that is memorable through out life and with its endless golden sands in poovar beach, the ultramarine of the ocean at Arabian seas, emerald backwaters, swaying coconut palms along the backwaters and crimson sunsets in the beach create a magical ambience around you. Floating cottages in Poovar offers just that .The floating cottages is an awesome experience, where you keep moving as boats come to the boat jetty, with the little balcony facing the backwaters having a fantastic view of the Poovar estuary where the beach , backwaters , lake and sea come together to create unparalleled beauty.The floating cottages in poovar Island resort are completely cut-off from the city and the only means of communication is a boat ride through backwaters few times a day. Mesmerising Poovar Honeymoon Package[11] is an ideal way to enjoy the stay in Floating Cottages.

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape-1 Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic EscapeFloating Cottages in Poovar Island Resort

9. Munnar- Boating in the tranquility of Kundala Dam

Kundala is a photoscenic place, on the way to Top Station at a distance of around twenty kilometers from Munnar town. There is an artificial dam in Kundala which is Asia’s first Arch dam and the boating experience at this dam is a romantic experience that makes it a must visit among all the honeymoon places in Kerala.

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape-5 Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic Escape

Kundala has lot of valleys and mountains around the dam where Neela Kurunji, the famous flowers which bloom once in twelve years are present. You can do pedal boating, shikkara boating and row boating in Kundala dam and if you are lucky you can visit Kundala dam when cherry blossoms bloom which happens twice a year.

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10. Vagamon- Green Meadows

What is a honeymoon with out grassy hills, velvet lawns and cool mountain air which is exactly what vagamon offers to any couple. If you want to escape crowds, don’t go to Munnar but go to Vagamon. While the picturesque scenery in Vagamon attracts visitors from around the world, it is green meadows that stretch far and beyond keeps them coming back for more. Watch the sunset over green meadows in a sight to watch Vagamon has a shade of culture as well with the Murugan hill, Thangal hill, and the Kurisumala important for various religions in Kerala.

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape-6 Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic Escape

11. Allepey – Shikara Ride in Backwaters

Even though Kerala is famous world over for Houseboats which are modern versions of traditional Kettuvalloms, the actual experience of backwaters is all about enjoying the backwater scenes in narrow canals. There are many big and small canals and one need to travel through these rivers and canals to explore Alleppey backwaters. Shikara Rides are fading away in the onslaught of houseboats but still there are some quiet places where you can experience the tranquility of Kerala Village life among backwaters by going deep inside beautiful places in Kuttanad like Kainakary , Arunootampadam, Kuppappuram, Kuttamangalam, Chennamkary, Meenapalli, Venattukad which are part of backwaters in Alleppey. You can also get wooden small country boat and speed boat to travel through these canals on rare occasions.

top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape-7 Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic EscapeKayaking opportunities in backwaters of Kerala in Alleppey, Kumarakom and Kannur

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12. Kollam – Taste Adventure at Jatayu Nature Park

Jatayu is an old bird in Ramayana that had tried to rescue Sita from Ravana when Ravana was on his way to Lanka and he met Rama and Lakshmana when they were on the way to Lanka. It is believed that Jatayu Nature Park is at the same location where Jatayu fell and died is a rock-theme nature park in Kollam in Kerala. It is the first Private Public Partnership tourism initiative in the state of Kerala under the Build Operate and Transfer model. Jatayu Nature Park has the world’s largest bird sculpture and adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy the rock theme park, Cable car service and helicopter local flying service soon.

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top-12-kerala-honeymoon-places-with-photos-for-a-romantic-escape-8 Top 12 Kerala Honeymoon Places (with Photos) for a Romantic Escape

What makes Honeymoons in Kerala Special? – Watch this Video

Will you visit one of places to visit in kerala for honeymoon with your partner? Privacy and seclusion are the common traits of every kerala honeymoon spot on the list. These are the top honeymoon-worthy places in Kerala that can be a part of any romantic escapade.

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