Top 20 Best Resorts in Munnar

Munnar is  well known for offering wonderful experiences to visitors with the chilling natural climate and the charming beauty. Munnar is a must visit for any tourist visiting Kerala  and is a hot spot for the remarkable family tour, romantic honeymoon, energized gang tour, adventurous solo trip etc. When you visit Munnar stay and accommodation while the tripping is very important to make any tour special! . The top-notch amenities and comfortable stay at Luxurious hotels in Munnar can take your tour to next level.

Planning to Visit Munnar?

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List of Best Resorts in Munnar

Listed below are the best resorts in Munnar and all you want to do is to choose the right one for your trip.

1. Blanket Resort & Spa

Being one of the top and best 5 star hotels in Munnar, the resort provide luxury blended with the absolute beauty of nature. They strive to maintain the eco-friendly surrounding that makes them unique among other resorts in Munnar. The honeymoon rooms in the hotel is much demanded.

You can reach the resort from NH 85 which is 2km away from the resort.

Blanket Resort & Spa Highlights The trekking experience along with the in house naturalist, cultural performances, Yoga and meditation, cooking classes is few of the attractive activities available at the resort.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarBlanket Resort & Spa is one of the best 5 Star resorts in Munnar

2. Amberdale resort

Amberdale is a charming and trendy resort with rooms overlooking tea gardens. Most Rooms  are jacuzzi rooms with a big balcony where you can see the sun rising behind the mountains directly from the door of the balcony. In evening you can also watch the beautiful sunset  for hours sipping coffee and chit chatting.

Amberdale Munnar Highlights – Luxury in the resort, view of mountains, sweeping meadows and cuddling fog.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-1 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarAmberdale Resort Munnar

3. Parakkat Nature Hotels and Resorts

The hotels in Munnar are mostly chosen by the honeymooners and frequent travelers. The Parakkat Nature hotels and resorts are the best 5-star luxury hotel in Munnar. A luxurious hotel is an ideal option for leisure travelers for both enjoying the exact beauty of Munnar with a comfortable stay.

The nearest airport to reach the hotel is by Cochin International airport which is 109 kilometers away.

Parakkat Nature Resort Highlights –  The famous jewelry shop near the sightseeing around the waterfalls is the few of to-do activities near the hotel.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-2 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarParakkat Nature Resorts is mostly chosen by the honeymooners and frequent travelers

4. Spice Tree Munnar

The spice tree is one of the finest hotels in Munnar which exhibits the mesmerizing beauty of mountains at its best. The hotel is located at the center of Kannan Devan valley and Bison hills which gives chilling experience in your vacation.

SpiceTree hotel is located almost24 kilometers near to the Munnar bus station. The Aluva railway station is the nearby railway station from the hotel which is located 140 kilometers away. The Cochin International airport is the nearby airport which lies 150 kilometers away from the hotel.

Spice Tree Munnar Highlights A sip of the famous coffee made by 300BC A Karma Coffee shop will be a perfect combination when you stay at SpiceTree hotel. The nearby Book Bar will be a great choice for the bookworms out there! The ethnic cooking classes, visiting the tea plantations and tasting the fresh tea, the swimming pool etc. will make your day interesting.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-3 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarInfinity Pool at Spice Tree Resort Munnar

5.Leaf Resort Munnar

One of the most sought out resorts in Munnar with a great ambiance and service. The resort is located in 20 acres of tea and spice plantations. The Resort also provides cottages and is well known for their wonderful dishes and customer service.

You can reach the resort from Kochi International Airport or Aluva Railway Station via a straight road drive to Ratnagiri.

Leaf Resort Munnar Highlights The resort is very near to Pothamedu View Point and Blossom Hydel Park. You can visit all the major sight-seeing spots in Munnar just by short drives from the resort.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-4 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarAreal View of Leaf Resort Munnar

6. The Panoramic Getaway Munnar

The hotel is situated in the hilltop giving a fascinating panorama of the greenish valleys. It is one of the best luxurious hotels in Munnar. The luxury can be enjoyed to the core and the helicopter ride to and from the hotel will be a magnificent experience you will ever get.

The hotel is located 10 kilometers away from the town Munnar. The NH49 is the easiest way to reach the hotel a 2.5 kilometers away from the side post on the Munnar-Adimaly road.

The Panoramic Getaway Munnar Highlights The beautiful sunset will be the best sight you will get near to the hotel. The attractive terrace garden will give you a good view of the surrounding. You can enjoy the bonfire and cleanse your mind with the Tattvam ayurvedic wellness spa.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-5 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarPanoramic Getaway Munnar with  swimming pool on Rooftop

7. Chandy’s Windy Woods, Munnar

The Chandy’s windy woods hotel is one of the famous luxurious hotels that can give you the essence of forest and natural beauty to the core. The white rectangular blocks and greystone facades on which the hotel is built will give you the peaceful ambiance you will ever get in Munnar. The top services provided by the hotel makes your Munnar days mesmerizing.

. The place can be easily reached from Munnar bus stop which is 15 kilometers away from Chandy’s windy woods.

Chandys Windy Woods Munnar Highlights The peaceful interaction with the deep woods will give you ultimate pleasure and provokes you to stick to the resort for a long. Various categories of birds can be seen from the place and the trekking facilities are another attraction near the hotel. The mountain riding and jeep safari around Munnar attract the trekkers and adventurous travelers to the hotel.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-6 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarChandys Windywoods has The white rectangular blocks and greystone facades

8. The Fog Munnar Resort and Spa

Catch the glimpse of mesmerizing nature and the coziness of the grand luxury from the renowned Fog Villa, the best 5 Star hotel in Munnar. The Fog Villa signifies a reinvigorating hotel experience for the holidaymakers of the world. As the Fog Munnar resort is located away from the hustle of the city, you can enjoy the peaceful ambiance at the resort. It is one of the luxurious resorts at Munnar. The cloud filling hills are the best sight you can get near the resort.

The resort can be easily reached from the Munnar by stop located only 14 kilometers from the Fog Munnar resort. If you take a train, you can get down at Ernakulum Railway Station that is located about 95 kilometers away from the hotel.

The Fog Munnar Resort and Spa Highlights The indoor sports like billiards, football, chess etc can be easily explored at the hotel which will be perfect for spending your daytime. Cooking classes are another thing you can try during your free time. The night campfire will gift you another splendid night time.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-7 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarCatch the glimpse of mesmerizing nature and the coziness of Tea Gardens at Fog Resort Munnar

9. Tea Valley Resort Munnar

The resort is famous for its location near the tea valley making an absolute place for family vacations. The hotel is located at the middle of 6.5 acres of the tea estate. You will get a mind-blowing service at the hotel especially for the ones who wish to taste the real life of Munnar. The 29 semi-detached cottages of Tea valley resort will various private rooms will be the most suitable option to explore both nature and fresh air. Tea Valley resort Munnar is one of the top places in Munnar to spend your vacation.

The tea valley resort is located 3 kilometers away from the famous the Blossom Hydel Park.

Tea Valley Resort Munnar Highlights The facilities offered for Rock climbing, freehand climbing rappelling, and mock river crossing are some of the attractive activities offered for the customers at the resort to take part.


top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-8 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarTea Valley Resort Munnar

10. Fragrant Nature Munnar

Covered with the misty blanket, The Fragrant nature resort will give you the absolute fragrance of Munnar with the chilling air surrounded. The spellbound views of the place along with the luxurious facilities and hospitality attract a lot of tourists to the resort.

The resort can be reached from the Cochin international airport which is situated 75 kilometers away from the resort.

Fragrant Nature Munnar Highlights The walkways through the tea gardens and the visit to the old tea factory are some of the major attractions near the resort. A fine day can be spent with a visit to the famous Eravikulam National Park. The bird watching is another activity that can be done along with the adventurous trekking.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-9 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarFragrant Nature Resort Munnar

11.Aranakya Resorts

The resort is famous among the travelers but not among the tourists. As it offers a lot of privacy of the travelers, they focus on the luxury and comfort a traveler ever get in Munnar. Each and every moment you spend there can be cherished as you will never need to plan for anything there. You can have a peaceful vacation there, with a relaxing mind.

You can easily reach the resort with a 5 minutes travel right from the NH 49 towards the Attukal Waterfalls. You can even take a taxi from the railway station or airport from Cochin at a reasonable price.

Aranakya Resorts Munnar Highlights The sightseeing is the best part of the vacation at the resort. The bike riding and bicycle ride and the trekking experience make your vacation at Aranakya resort fascinating.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-10 Top 20 Best Resorts in Munnar

12. Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa

The natural ambiance of the resort is the highlight among all the other resorts. There are 16 diverse cottages of similar ambiance. Blackberry resorts are few level highs in standards when compared to other resorts in Munnar.

The Blackberry hills resort is situated only 2.5 hours away from the Cochin international airport and can be easily reached without difficulties. You can also reach the hotel from Coimbatore and Madurai with a 3.5 hours travel by road as well.

Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa Highlights The major attractions and activities that you can engage at the resort includes, visiting the tea factory and tea tasting, mountain riding, campfires, jeep safari, morning walks experiencing the beauty of wildlife.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-11 Top 20 Best Resorts in Munnar

13. Misty Mountain Resort

Located at the gateway of Munnar, Misty Mountain Valley View is one of the top luxury resorts in Munnar with its beautiful views of snowcapped mountains and tea gardens. By the sunset, you can fetch the beauty of nature at the resort. The misty mountains will give you an unforgettable vacation at Munnar.

The Misty Mountain Resort overlooks a mist-laden valley to the distant Chenkulam Lake, and true to its name, by sundown, the resort is enveloped in a veil of mist, casting a spell that lingers long and makes for a perfect holiday experience.

The hotel is on the way to Munnar in NH 85.

Misty Mountain Resort Highlights The adventurous trekking, enthralling spa and meditation, and various indoor games are a few of the exciting activities you can be involved in.

 top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-12 Top 20 Best Resorts in Munnar

14. Camp Noel Resort Munnar

Camp Noel is a secluded mountain resort far up near the Tamilnadu in Munnar and is preferred by the adventure seeking visitors who want to have a taste of soft trekking. Stay at Camp Noel is a magical journey into the heart of solitude.

Camp Noel Resort Munnar Highlights – Secluded Resort which uses fresh product from farms nearby, One of the farthest resorts in Munnar, drive to the place requires travel through the forest area and you may spot few stags, porcupines and rabbits on the way.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-13 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarCamp Noel Resort Munnar

15. Kaivalyam Retreat Munnar

. The main attraction of the retreat is a farmyard consisting 11 acres of vegetation area where cardamom, pepper, coffee, etc are grown with landscape surrounding the building units, campfire place, view points area, rose garden, vegetable and fruit garden.

Kaivalyam Retreat Munnar Highlights – Fusion of rustic external with smooth internal space, A wellness resort that tried to promote organic way of living and dining  with a holistic lifestyle with traditional Yoga, meditation, nature activities.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-14 Top 20 Best Resorts in Munnar

16. Mountain Club Resort Munnar

This is a premium 4 star resort in the small hamlet called Chinnakanal in Munnar and offers a 5 star facilities to the traveler. Mountain Club, Munnar is a real tribute to a typical type of architecture which is prevalent in the hill stations of Kerala. The exterior walls made from pure stone and the typical Kerala roof tiles provide the rustic look.

Mountain Club Resort Munnar Highlights –The resort has Colonial British cottages made of stone bricks and  is unique among all the resorts in Munnar. Each cottage in the resort offers beautiful view of the nature outside spread over many acres of tea plantations.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-15 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarThe resort has Colonial British cottages made of stone bricks

17. Nature Zone Resort Munnar

Nature Zone Resorts in Munnar is a nature friendly jungle resort at the top of the mountain with treehouses and tents . As part of the commitment to the nature, Nature Zone doesn’t have any solid constructions. Being a jungle resort, you don’t hear any other sound other than the chirping of the birds and the sound of the stream. Hence no TVs, no FM radios etc. are in the resort.

Nature Zone Resort Munnar Highlights – One of the few resorts in Munnar with eco friendly Treehouses and no nail was used in the construction of treehouses, Jeep Safari to the top of the resort  on a muddy road in between tea gardens.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-16 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarTreehouses in Nature Zone Resort

18. Silvertips Resort munnar

This is the movie resort in Munnar with old world charm where the rooms have names like Sholay, Chennai Express etc . The resort is situated on the same spot where Pankajam, the first movie theater in Munnar stood. The moview theater used to dole out daily doses of entertainment from 1920 till the Nineties and the resort has been created by modifying the theater with the spirit of cinema being retained..

Silvertips Resort Munnar Highlights – Movie Themed Resort with rooms named after famous mountains. This is the resort in which Indian Filmstar Shahrukh Khan stayed when he was in Munnar for shooting the film Chennai Express, A private Movie Theatre where guests can watch movies on prior reservation.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-17 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarMughal E Azam Room in Solvertips Resort

19. Deshadan Mountain Resort Munnar

Deshadan Mountain Resort Munnar is known as the highest resort in Kerala and commands attention because of its altitude and the view it offers. The lobby is an open walled, cross ventilated space, beneath a brick cottage. The stone and tiled flooring offers a raw yet graceful look to the space.


Deshadan Mountain Resort Highlights – Highest Resort in Kerala with expansive views of tea gardens and mist covered valleys.

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-18 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarDeshadan Mountain Resort Munnar is known as the highest resort in Kerala

20. Ragamaaya Resort & Spa Munnar

Ragamaya Resort & Spa is an excellent and tranquil option to stay in Munnar. It is at an ideal location and provides a soothing view of the Ponmudi lake and hills from each of its spacious rooms, restaurant and the pool. The restaurant is well known for serving authentic Kerala Food and staff is polite and friendly.

Ragamaaya Resort & Spa Munnar Highlights – An infinity pool looking over a stunningly beautiful valley, Modern and stylish Rooms with great views, Ayurveda Spa with authentic treatments

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-19 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarAn infinity pool looking over a stunningly beautiful valley

How to Choose a Resort in Munnar ?

1. View of the Tea Gardens from your Room

The best vacation mornings in Munnar starts with the refreshing view of green tea gardens in Munnar which is unique and can be experienced only in a few places in the world when you wake up and remove your curtains or come out to the balcony. Munnar’s history involves the British, who discovered it, and then, it involves tea which Britishers brought along with them and discovered that can be aptly grown in the climate of Munnar. The best resorts in Munnar offer rooms which have a verdant view of green slopped mountains from the glass windows of the room. If possible when you make reservation, just confirm in advance about the view of the tea gardens in Munnar from your room with your tour operator.

2. Review online reviews and ratings for your room

There are multiple sites like tripadvisor and that provides detailed reviews and tips from the guests who have already stayed in various resorts in Munnar. Go through the reviews and that will help you shortlist some of the best resorts in Munnar and the rooms that are apt for you and always remember that what may be best for someone else may not be the best for you. There is a handy section of tips in most online sites that provides tips from guests who have already stayed in the hotel which can be quite useful in shortlisting what is best for you.

3. Distance from Munnar Town

Munnar boasts of several resorts and hotels that suits guests from an ornithologist to an arachnologist to a honeymoon couple or a family. Around Munnar, there are several tourist spots for guests who are visiting munnar but to enjoy Munnar to the maximum you need to stay at the right resort that will offer you maximum for your budget. Along with the views of the teagarden also consider the distance from the Munnar town as the travelling through the winding hills in Munnar is very difficult and tiring. Consider the distance from Munnar town when yous shortlist your resort in Munnar.

4. Customer Service of the Resort

Stay in any resort should provide recreation and entertainment to the holiday seekers and honeymoon couples. The superiority of the customer service in the resort is what differentiates the best from the rest. Only the resorts that can offer variety and quality service to customers will offer you a great vacation experience.

5. Your Budget

The last consideration is your own budget. If you cannot afford the most luxurious resort in Munnar, look for more affordable alternatives that are just as exotic and offer the same amenities so that you have a comfortable time .

top-20-best-resorts-in-munnar-20 Top 20 Best Resorts in MunnarTourist Map of Munnar with Directions to Kochi, Coimbatore, Thekkady , Mattupetty

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