Top 6 Nelliyampathy Tourist Places 2021

Nelliampathy is among the famous hill stations in Kerala that you would never want to miss out on when you visit Kerala and is located at a distance of 52 kilometers away from Palakkad. Evergreen forests, orange, tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations enriched with spectacular valleys and misty mountains make Nelliampathy an exotic location. Nelliampathy often called ‘Poor man’s Ooty’ is also famous for the trekking trails and the amazing climate, and nature’s magic which enhance the whole experience.

Nelliyampathy Tourist Places

Nelliyampathy is an ideal spot for eco-tourism and romantic getaways. The hill station is blessed with lush green trees and plantations. This makes Nelliyampathy attractions a picture-friendly tourist destination.

There are many places to see in Nelliyampathy. Tourist Places in Nelliyampathi include attractions from historical to natural to cultural like waterfalls, places that evoke the memories of Seetha in Ramayana to wildlife sanctuaries, and places where peacock dances.

Nelliyampathy attractions also include the festival that takes place in April people from around the world come to attend this festival with great enthusiasm. Read on about the top 10 tourist Nelliyampathy tourist places to know more about these wonders:


Parambikulam has one of those wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala which restores your faith in preserving the rarest wild animals. Lion Tailed macaque, Leopard, Bear, Elephant, Nilgiri Langur, Bonnet macaque, Nilgiri Tahr, Civet, Wild boar, and Spotted Deer are some of the inhabitants of this area. Parambikulam which is spread over 272 kilometers is aligned with reservoirs and dams, and also serves as an area for Teak plantations.

Parambikulam is one of the most famous Nelliyampathy tourist Places. Visit this place if you want to get a sight of the oldest teak tree ‘Kannimari’ and also to know how it feels while lodging in a treehouse. Parambikulam sanctuary has been considered for selection as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was started in 1973.

top-6-nelliyampathy-tourist-places-2021 Top 6 Nelliyampathy Tourist Places 2021
Catamarans For Rafting Inside Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary


Peacock will be seen abundantly in Mayiladumpura, making its name almost perfect that translated into meaning ” the rock in which peacock danced” in local language Malayalam. The Choolanoor Peacock Sanctuary situated at this place is the natural habitat of beautiful majestic peacocks that are facing extinction. Peacocks in South India have the most colourful and radiant quills among all the peacocks in the world. Choolanoor Peacock Sanctuary in Mayiladumpara is located at about 30 km from Palakkad town, and plan your visit early in the morning as you have a higher chance of observing the Peacock dance.

top-6-nelliyampathy-tourist-places-2021-1 Top 6 Nelliyampathy Tourist Places 2021
Peacock Dances In Mayiladumpara

Pothundi Dam

Pothundi Dam is a non-concrete core dam constructed with an unusual mixture of jaggery and quick lime core. Pothundi dam was actually built across two tributary rivers of Ayalar rivers, namely Meenchadyppuzha and Padippuzha. This is only the second dam in Asia constructed without using cement mixture and the dam is the main source of irrigation and agricultural work in the Palakkad district. When you reach the top of the dam through the walkway, you can see the breathtaking view of Nelliyampathy Valley on the left side of the Dam and the greenery of paddy fields on the right side of the Dam. This place is definitely one of the best places to visit for Nelliyampathy Sightseeing.

top-6-nelliyampathy-tourist-places-2021-2 Top 6 Nelliyampathy Tourist Places 2021
Pothundi Dam Is The Second Dam In Asia Constructed Without Using A Cement Mixture.

Meenvallam Falls

To experience the view of a natural waterfall and taking a dip in it, you can consider visiting Meenvallam falls which falls step by step from a height of 5 to 45 meters. The place has the most fascinating view of nature and can be considered as a relief from your busy schedules. More than 10 waterfalls are there in Meenvallam out of which only 2 are open to the public for sightseeing and you need to take a jeep from Kalladicode to which buses are available from Palakkad and Coimbatore. The best time to visit Meenvallam is just after the rainy season when the waterfalls will be full and the entry is not allowed after 4’O clock.

top-6-nelliyampathy-tourist-places-2021-3 Top 6 Nelliyampathy Tourist Places 2021
Meenvallam Waterfall Is A Combination Of Enchanting Beauty And Scenic Splendor.

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Seethargund View Point

A viewpoint called Seethargund is situated 8kms away from Nelliampathy. Seethargund, according to beliefs is the place where Lord Rama, Laxmana, and Seetha rested during their exile and is among the cultural and historic Nelliyampathy Tourist Places.

top-6-nelliyampathy-tourist-places-2021-4 Top 6 Nelliyampathy Tourist Places 2021
View From Waterfalls At Seethargund Nelliampathy


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Silent Valley

Silent Valley can be considered as the treasure house of much rare flora and fauna and is among the most ecologically diverse areas on this planet. There is a river called Kunti that flows through this national park This tropical rain forest is a perfect Nelliyampathy sightseeing place famous for sighting almost extinct Lion Tailed macaque. Silent Valley is preserved well by the authorities and it remains one of the magical gifts of nature.

The visit to the Valley and Kunti river will take only a day via Mannarkad from where Jeeps are available, and you can return back to Palakkad the same evening after visiting the park between 8 AM to 2 PM. Park is also called Indira Gandhi National Park after the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared this area as a national park that prevented the efforts of the Kerala State Electricity Board which wanted to build a dam across the Kunti river.

top-6-nelliyampathy-tourist-places-2021-5 Top 6 Nelliyampathy Tourist Places 2021
Silent Valley Exudes A Quiet Grandeur, A Mystery Half-Revealed, And Half-Concealed For 50 Million Years

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