Top 9 Food in Kerala To Try in 2020 When you travel

Food and travel go hand in hand, and there’s no better way to delve deep into a holiday in  Kerala  than to try its most famous dishes . When you order the  Food in Kerala you will be greeted with a smile and a nod if you are a foreigner and this  can also  help you make some  friends who will explain to you the nuances behind the dish  helping you to add the nuances as well to the lasting memory of your trip by enjoying local cuisine.

When you travel to Kerala eating with fingers may be hard to start off with like locals, however once you realise that it is the best way to completely enjoy traditional Kerala food and appreciate the tastes you will slowly adapt it. Looking at a normal Indian meal with so many curries and side dishes itself will be overwhelming let alone using your fingers to eat.

How to eat a food in Kerala?

* Rice
* Indian bread (chappathi, roti, or appam)
* Side dishes (salad, papad, pickles)
* Main dishes (vegetables and/or meat)
* Sambar/ Rasam(a spicy and watery combination of vegetables)

Appam or Chappati is eaten first with some of the vegetable or meat dishes. The remaining vegetables or meat are then eaten along with the rice and sambar. The purpose of the side dishes is to add different flavors and texture to the food and you should only eat small helpings of side dish

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Tips for eating food in Kerala

  1. It’s clean and polite to wash your hands before you sit down to eat.
  2. Only eat with your right hand. The left hand is considered to be unclean as it’s reserved for functions associated with going to the toilet.
  3. Eat the bread (Chappati/ Appam) first with some of the vegetable or meat dishes, then eat the remaining vegetables or meat along with the rice and daal. The purpose of the side dishes is to add different flavors and texture to the food, so you should have a small portion of any one of these after each bite of the main dishes.
  4. The most important thing is to sample each different dish separately, to allow its individual characteristics to be appreciated.
  5. Be careful with the amount of sambar/ rasam you pour onto the rice. Too much daal will result in the rice becoming sloppy and it won’t hold together properly. Too little daal and the rice will be sticky and tasteless.
  6. After eating, if you’re a guest in someone’s home, wait until everyone has finished then get up to wash your hands again to clean them.

Breakfast Dishes in Kerala

Here are a list of popular breakfast dishes from God’s Own country that you can try out while experiencing Kerala tour Packages.

Kerala’s spread of morning dishes – Appam, Uppuma, idli, masala dosa,appams , Puttu etc. have been rated among the best breakfast in the world by Travel & Leisure magazine.

1. Puttu & Kadala

Puttu  was among the dishes mentioned by National Geographic Traveler  as Worlds best breakfast and  the magazine described that ordering breakfast is a pleasure for the tongue with dishes like Puttu. Puttu is usually eaten with banana, papadam and kadala curry.  Puttu is made by slowly adding water to ground rice until the correct texture is achieved. It is then spiced, formed and steamed with layers of grated coconut and served hot for breakfast. Puttu is generally cooked in a metal puttu kutti vessel with two sections. The upper section holds the puttu  and lower section holds water — where the rice mixture is inserted with layers of grated coconut and steamed. Perforated lids separate the sections to allow the steam to pass between them.  The best point to taste puttu is any of the tea shops in the villages of Kerala where it is served hot along with spicy kadala curry.

top-9-food-in-kerala-to-try-in-2020-when-you-travel Top 9 Food in Kerala To Try in 2020 When you travel
Puttu & Kadala Was Selected As The Best Breakfast Item In The World

2. Appam

A must-try in a Kerala visit is the crisp lacy appam served with meat/vegetable stew.Appam is most frequently eaten with breakfast or dinner and is a fermented flat bread made out of Rice and Coconut. Appam is usually referred for various kinds of dishes like Idiyappam, Palappam, Velayappam, Kallappam, Vatayappam and so on however most of the Keralities identify themselves with Kallappam where “kall” (Malayalam) means toddy, which is used for fermentation. Kallappam is prepared in a mould called apa chaatty and like a pancake eventhough it tastes different. Appams or Kallappams derive their round shape from the the vessel called Appachatti in which they are spread and cooked. . Appams are made from a batter using rice, yeast, salt and a little sugar and are served with spicy curries or stew in Kerala. In south-central Kerala, it is mostly served with Kadala (Brown Pulses) curry or vegetable stew or egg roast.

top-9-food-in-kerala-to-try-in-2020-when-you-travel-1 Top 9 Food in Kerala To Try in 2020 When you travel
Appam & Stew

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3. Idlis

Idlis are steam cakes that  are usually few inches in diameter and are made by steaming a barter derived from rice. There is a pre cook fermentation process that ensures that carbs are broken down and idli is straight away absorbed by the body.

Idlis are most often eaten at breakfast in Kerala, and is served with sambar or coconut chutney. Idlis are usually made with idli round shaped cooking plates now. However in the olden days, the thick idli batter was poured over a soft cloth tightly tied on the mouth of a deep cooking vessel.

top-9-food-in-kerala-to-try-in-2020-when-you-travel-2 Top 9 Food in Kerala To Try in 2020 When you travel
Dosas And Idlis Are Usually Served In Pairs With Chutney, Sambar

4. Dosa

, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh as well as being popular in Sri Lanka. The constituent ingredients of rice and lentils mean it is gluten-free and contains protein. Most popular versions of dosa include Masala Dosa, paper Dosa and Mysore Masala Dosa.

Lunch Dishes in Kerala

Kerala also has a variety of lunch dishes that are unique to this region and some of the popular lunch dishes are Avial, Karimeen Pollichathu , Kozhikode Biriyani and Kerala Fish Curry.

5. Avial

Avial or aviyal is a delicious mix of vegetables in a light, delicately spiced semi gravy with vegetables like carrots, drumsticks, potatoes, yard long beans, pumpkin and an endless list of garden fresh veggies. and is usually served along with rice in any restaurant in Kerala . . When you prepare Aviyal , it is important to get the right balance of colour and that pronounced coconutty taste and is among the most popular vegetarian dishes in Kerala.

top-9-food-in-kerala-to-try-in-2020-when-you-travel-3 Top 9 Food in Kerala To Try in 2020 When you travel
Aviyal Is A Delicious Mix Of Vegetables

6. Karimeen Pollichathu (Pan seared Fish)

Karimeen is a fish that is present in backwaters of Kerala and is an essential part of the Kerala Houseboat menu . The fish is first roasted and then steamed with onion and other spicy condiments inside a banana leaf and for the fish lovers in Kerala unwrapping a steamed fish is as good as unwrapping any other gift for a food lover.

Karimeen is the local name and this variety is pearl spot fish that is marinated for long and is wrapped in banana leaf which is readily available in Kerala. This dish is served with rice and this is known as Karimeen Pollichathu which is a common dish in central Kerala, especially among the backwaters.

top-9-food-in-kerala-to-try-in-2020-when-you-travel-4 Top 9 Food in Kerala To Try in 2020 When you travel
Karimeen Pollichathu Which Is A Common Dish In Central Kerala

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7. Malabar Biriyani

There are various kinds of biryanis in India, However biriyanis in Malalabar area from Kozhikode, Malappuram, Thalassery to Kasargod of Kerala is special and the recipe has crossed generations. This is yummy biriyani from Malabar is not spicy or fiery but comes with a small amount of chillies and a single egg.

top-9-food-in-kerala-to-try-in-2020-when-you-travel-5 Top 9 Food in Kerala To Try in 2020 When you travel
Biriyani From Malabar Is Not Spicy Or Fiery

8. Kerala Fish Curry

Kerala Fish Curry is a basic fish curry recipe, but the flavours of cocoum and coconut milk takes it to another level. It is tasty with a fleshy white fish smeared with onion, tomatoes, garlic, green chillies and coconut paste which is steamed, tempered and served.

top-9-food-in-kerala-to-try-in-2020-when-you-travel-6 Top 9 Food in Kerala To Try in 2020 When you travel
Kerala Fish Curry

9. Naadan Beef fry or Kerala Style Beef Fry

Beef fry cooked in Kerala Style has a mix of coconut and onions and the beef once cooked is generously coated with curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, coconut and mustard seeds. The dark hue of this dish reflects the depth of its tasty flavours that can emanate from tender beef.

top-9-food-in-kerala-to-try-in-2020-when-you-travel-7 Top 9 Food in Kerala To Try in 2020 When you travel
Kerala Beef Fry

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