Travel Visa Guide Information for Malaysians

For most Malaysians, we have the luxury to travel visa free to many countries, and this is thanks to the Commonwealth agreement among each of the countries. Over the years, we have traveled without issues to many countries without the hassle of applying for any type of visa.  
But since the last ten years or so, more Malaysians are getting adventurous and starting to travel to new destinations, .
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Why Malaysians Love Traveling
In fact, it has become a normal weekly or monthly affair for friends or families to be traveling somewhere out of Malaysia. 
Another reason for this is also thanks to the many long weekends from the public holidays that Malaysia observes. Yes, Malaysia is one of the rare countries that sees over 17 public holidays
If you ask any Malaysia if they have been to Bali or Bangkok, chances are that they have been not once, but several times! 
Well, this goes to show how much Malaysians travel nowadays, and why some travelers opt for further and no to commercialized destinations.
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Applying for a China Visa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
How To Apply For Travel Visas for Malaysians?
There are a few ways you can do this, and of course the most common one is by visiting the embassy of the country you want to visit.
But many people who are first time travelers would not know the proper procedures in getting a visa, hence you should always do your homework on the country you are visiting.
Back many years ago, Japan used to require a travel visa to visit, but in recent years, the Japanese government decided to waive the visa requirement for Malaysians, making travel there easy.
China however, still requires a travel visa, and no matter which part of mainland China you visit, you still need to get one done beforehand. 
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General China visa application
Types Of Travel Visas
There are three main types of travel visas that Malaysian would be applying for, and this depends on which country you are planning to visit. Hence it is important to know which kind of visa you need.
Single Entry Visa – This visa is used when you visit a country only once. For example, if you are visiting Beijing in China for a holiday, you simple need to apply for this one time single entry visa.
Multiple Entry Visa – Similar as the single entry, this visa allows you to travel to the country as many times as you like throughout the duration of the visa. Example would be if you are in love with Tokyo and plan to visit there again and again, the multiple entry visa is recommended.
Transit Visa – This is a common visa for anyone who is traveling to Europe and transits in Dubai or Qatar and want to explore the transit country. For example, if you are traveling to London or Europe on any Middle Eastern airlines, you will most definitely be transiting at one of the countries of the United Arab Emirates. And you will want to spend at least a day or two there, where a transit visa is required.
Visa On Arrival – This is when you arrive at the airport and get a visa on your arrival. Some countries practice this, and you simply fill up a visa form. Certain countries have waived the visa fees, but some still require you to pay for the visa on arrival.
Business Travel Visa – This is only if you are traveling for business and you can apply for a business visa to the selected countries. In this case, a family traveling may have the father or mother going there for business and leisure, and bringing along the family. The working adult applies for the business visa while the family members apply for the travel visa.
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The last thing you want to see on your passport is this chop. Photo Wikipedia. 
Cause of Concerns
While many think it is easy to get a visa and just travel to the desired country, there are very rare cases where visitors have been turned away at the arrival from immigration officers.
Yes, we think it may never happen to any of us, but there have been cases where tourist have been denied entry to a country even he or she has all the proper documents and visas.
This is completely out of your hands as the immigration officers at the arrival country have the right to do this. There could be many reasons for this, and you should be prepared for any sudden emergencies like this.
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The China visa application form
First of all, it is always recommended to dress smart casual when entering a country, as you do not want to look dodgy or shady. These are warning signs for immigration officers on duty.
Second, at times, immigration officers will question you on arrival, asking you all sorts of questions, and if you do not answer them correctly, this is where many visitors get sent back. 
Questions are usually about where you are staying at, why are you visiting the country, and how much money are you carrying.
In order to pass the checks, you need to look presentable, have your visa paperwork in order and never look nervous.
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The China Visa once applied to your passport
Again, this article was written purely for Malaysians as we do love to travel nowadays, and at times, we often overlook many things. 
It is highly important to know if the country you are visiting requires a travel visa, hence you need to get this done at least a month before your travel.
China is a popular destination for many Malaysians, and a travel visa is still required for you to visit any part of China. There are services where you can do this online, or visit the Australian Embassy to get this done.
While flights are abundance, and with many airlines to choose from, most Malaysians are penny wise and always go for the cheapest and best deal. With so many choices, I often look at many websites and eventually found one to book cheap flights for my travels.[1]
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The long lines at one of the China immigration
Remember, if you are a first time visitor to China, you need to follow the instructions of completing the online visa application before you head to the China Embassy to get your visa.
At the end of the day, I would stress to always find out beforehand about general information of the country you are visiting. 
The main thing to check if the country requires you to have a visa before visiting, and how long the visa application will take.
As many would say, it is better to be prepared rather than get caught off guard, especially if you love to do thing last minute or on the eleventh hour.
So, for Malaysians, I recommend getting your travel visa information beforehand, as it will save you heaps of unwanted issues. 


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